Monday, August 3, 2009

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Thank you very much to a current employee for sending this description of Meltwater.


I do not even know where to start. I currently work for the company. There are quite a few good things to be said about the company. The annual kickoffs (picnic/party/workshops) are awesome and the fact that you get to stay in a luxurious resort for 5 whole days and party into the night, is something to be applauded for. However, having said that, barring those 5 days of the year, the rest of the 360 days are hell. Let me bullet point:

No HR !!

I have heard of managers, in the absence of HR, forwarding emails to "someone" to keep them safe. These emails will be the kind of emails you send your immediate manager or TL to complain about something that you are not happy with. The emails might carry super personal details, but they are forwarded to a colleague by the TLs neverthless, with the intention that the emails be kept safe in case the person the email came from, needs to be fired. I do not know about you guys but I do not think this is an ethical thing to do.

Absence of HR also causes Legal issues to be forwarded to this guy called Zubes, who has no practice at law, whatsoever. All he has, is a degree.

Sales is Pathetic !!

The way that sales is conducted within the company really is pathetic. I don't have anything new to add to this area as my thoughts are echoed by so many others here. I have seen so many new recruits being given a presentation about how the salary is structured. I feel sorry for them. If you are fresh out of college on possibly one ofy our first ever job interviews, you probably take whatever the company says, in your stride. I do not see what company would ever need to give its recruits a presentation on salary structure AFTER the contract has been signed.

High Turnover !!

Jorn and managers often, proudly state that 100 new recruits walk in the doors of Meltwater every month. They conveniently forget to mention that 90 old recruits also walk out every month. Otherwise, 100 new people every month, company has been running for 8 years and is still at 500 people (including Tech, most of whom have been here since the first office was opened). You do the math.

No Privacy !!

There is no respect for an employee's privacy with the managers regularly calling up on weekends and giving you work to do outside office hours. If you say no or show anything short of bubbling enthusiasm, you are not a team player and not interested in the company's benefits. I ask you, even if you love the company, if someone calls you at all kinds of hours and asks you to work, without even feeling sorry for it, wouldn't you rebel ?

This isn't just for the employees. I have seen my managers whining because a would be client cancelled a meeting without notice. I happened to ask, why would he not send you an email ? The manager said, I know,he is so rude. I mean ok his wife died. Too bad, but that doesn't mean you stop being professional.

I will leave it to you to figure out exactly what quality you need to get to the managerial level in this company.

Too much Hugging !!

I am sorry, but frankly this idea of hugging every Tom, Dick and Harry that walks in the door, I just do not get. Every time someone is visiting from another office, we have to get up and go hug them, even if we have never seen them before in our lives. If you don't, you lack team spirit and your TL will surely give you a talking to. Every time someone gets a deal, they have to hug like 20 people. Because of this hugging, I started dreading ringing the bell, within about a month. The need to socialize and hang out with your office colleagues is again, way too much. I am sorry but I have a life outside of work too. And besides, you have been shut in one room, together for 9 hours a day. After that, you want to see some other people for a change.

Phew !! It feels good to get it off of my chest. They have really been driving me up the wall lately. I have actually become quite adept at figuring out which of the new recruits will stay at the end of 2 months and which ones won't. It's pretty easy. Sales people (Meltwater Hardcores) can be real bastards and bitches at times and the ones that are not, the ones that I genuinely like, end up leaving or being fired, at the end of two months (without fail).

Isn't that saying Something ?"


Anonymous said...

I also work at Meltwater, and it sounds like you may have some serious issues to discuss with your specific MD.
My MD is awesome and I love this person to death.
May sound weird, but I would go to the ends of the earth for this person, as well as the other managers in our office.
We are a super close knit team, so even in the down times we all keep each other's spirits up.
And no, I"m not a "culture whore" as some people like to say in this blog.
I just genuinely like the people I work with. That's it.

It sounds like what you are experiencing is a direct result of your manager's actions.
I would maybe talk with someone else in the organization about your concerns. Such as your AD, or even the ED.
Or maybe you should look into moving offices if you aren't comfortable with the one you are in.

Just an idea.
I'm sorry your MD is not professional, but I promise, that is not the case in all of the offices!

Anonymous said...

i agree. i work there too, and it seems that much of what you are talking about here is personal, rather than corporate problems.

i agree, that maybe you should talk to your MD about how you are feeling.
initiate something like fist pumps instead of hugs for deals, if that makes you uncomfortable.
my office doesn't hug, and i agree with the last person in that my office has a really great relationship with our managers.

we don't always hang out, but pretty often.
never mandatory though.
sorry about your current situation.
you are welcome in our office anytime!

Anonymous said...

and i know what you guys are going to say!
don't post here because it increases the google rankings, yaddahyaddayaddah.

but you guys are already at the top of that because Meltwater doesn't do any advertising yet, so you are the first thing people will see when searching us anyway. so i figure, why not get some other perspectives here, instead of just hate mail.

Anonymous said...

Great post.

What the post indirectly told us is that in the cult-like Meltwater organization it is tabu to critizise the product, sales model or leadership. Sure, you can try, but don't accept to be the first up when the next promotion will be done.

"Meltwater News doesn't do any advertising yet".

And they never will. See the whole idea is that of telemarketing firms, you call and present everything manually until you reach a sale, and pay employees just when they contribute and never ever else.

Look at

It sure as hell works. It just sucks big time to work in such an environment. The complexity of the service and consulting part is vastly overrated, it's really just a glorified, automatic search engine with selective sources instead of the whole Internet. I do not see any difference between selling&consulting vitamin pills and Meltwater News, or Drive for that matter, it is more or less the same.

Then you can wonder, as a business person: What kind of leadership do you need in such an environment? The answer is direct leadership (with words like bitch, bastard and asshole assosiated with it, but neccessary, like in the military), sweatshop like work hours and paychecks and sanctions for lack of productivity.

Deep down no one of us want to sit in front of a telephone selling vitamin pills, we were just so scared and naive when we landed the first job.

High five, hugs and kisses!!!!!!!!! ;)))

Anonymous said...

I second the first two comments!

So refreshing to see some people who aren't full of hate and revenge on this site.

My daughter works for Meltwater, and she loves it!
She has a Master's degree, and is very intelligent, and I can speak for her as her mother, she is none of the horrible things people have been saying of the Meltwater Management.

Her office mates love her to pieces, and she has done very well for herself at the company, makes well over the base salary that she was worried she would be stuck with in the beginning, and absolutely adores the people she works with.
I have even met some of them and they seem to be wonderful young people.

All in all, I feel very sorry for you people who keep posting such dirty comments about the good people who work for this company.
I know it is very hurtful to them. My daughter has had to defend herself against these blogs for some time now, and I know how much stress and pain you are causing her in her current position.

I hope to dissuade some of you young folks from believing this garbage when you read the posts on this blog.

The last thing I would ever call my daughter is a "telemarketer"... and I have even passed her along to friends as a consultant, who praise the work she is doing for them with Meltwater's products.

I'm very proud of my daughter and what she has accomplished at Meltwater News, and hope that many of you who are reading will reconsider before you believe the hateful, discriminatory comments and posts people keep putting here for the world to see.

My advice:
Take the position if it is offered!
And see for yourself.
Make an educated decision, and I promise, you will not be sorry.

Anonymous said...

Sad how this forum is just a big argument now.

Anonymous said...

it is sad how the anti-meltwater advocates had to take it to the level they did, with defamation of character, libel, personal attacks on individuals and blatant dirt name calling

Anonymous said...

I don't see any of those things here

Anonymous said...

not on this post.
check some of the other comments.

one person especially likes to refer to everyone who has a "different opinion" in this forum as a "whore"

that's just 1 example.

Anonymous said...

How is it possible that so many people leave this company with such a bitter taste in their mouths?

You think it is random that they all have the same bitter feelings? Or because they are all just not good at sales?

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

"I know how much stress and pain you are causing her in her current position."

The she is NOT suited for a management position.

"I hope to dissuade some of you young folks from believing this garbage when you read the posts on this blog."

Instead of whining about the critical posts, try to argument properly instead.

"The last thing I would ever call my daughter is a "telemarketer"... and I have even passed her along to friends as a consultant, who praise the work she is doing for them with Meltwater's products."

Beeing a telemarketer - nothing wrong with that, although you think so. And that's what Meltwater is all about. When people tell you something else, like your daugther, she's either lying or trying to sell you something about the company, like when they do when they hire fresh grads.

It's pretty obvious that you haven't actually worked at Meltwater.

"I'm very proud of my daughter and what she has accomplished at Meltwater News, and hope that many of you who are reading will reconsider before you believe the hateful"

Accept opinions of other, too! This is not very objective.

My advice:

Don't comment on things you don't have a clue about. Knowing a relative working at MW isn't nearly enough background.

The person writing this post is currently working there.

Great post! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Arguing online is like the Special Olympics. Whether you win or lose, you are still retarded.

Anonymous said...

all you meltwater supporters needs to take you're selfes elsewehre and start your own dam blog!!!!!!

this is a anti-metlwater blog for a reason!!!!!

get out of our webspace you whores

Anonymous said...

Two words for you dude:

spell. check.

If anything, you just make Meltwater look ridiculous for ever hiring you in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Meltwater lovers or hatred posting here... I don't care! I'm just glad this blog is moving/holding the google ranks becasue of them. We're all whores!

Anonymous said...

red bull flip cup?

do you honestly want to work at a place where you play red bull flip cup?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

can't get away with everything, can you?

Anonymous said...

Curious what's being said on Twitter about Meltwater executives?

JennyGaleHowe she loves Meltwater because she's boning an Executive Partner. Most everyone else seems to hate them:

Anonymous said...

why the hell would you circulate that crap?
it isn't even true!

some people involved in this debate are way out of line!
that should be taken down immediately!

Stephen said...

Hello everybody,

I have been follow this blog for a while, and I was quite stunned by the stories told.

I work at another media monitoring company in the UK, and I've always wondered what Meltwater is like since everything about them is so hidden.

I'd be happy to assist you in your fight against Meltwater. If anybody with a login to their CRM-system would like to share it with me, it would greatly help my company to gain competitive intelligence and bring down Meltwater :).

If anybody want to help, please leave a message here and we'll discuss how to sort the details.



Anonymous said...

That is unethical

Anonymous said...

I totally agree.
I'm not a Meltwater supporter, per say, but I think that is definitely unethical.
You should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

The point of this is not to "bring down meltwater" by any means.

The idea is to expose the true ways of their world in the hopes that things can change and they can become a successful company that is healthy to work for

Anonymous said...

Well, you may feel that way, but there are plenty of people here hell bent on bringing down meltwater, and INDIVIDUALS in the company for personal revenge.

I mean, there is libel written into a comment above.
Personal defamation of character set out to destroy one individual.

There is definitely a lot hate being thrown at the company in an attempt to ruin their recruitment processes and destroy individuals' reputations.

This is terrible, immature behavior in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Meltwater still does give out HUGE discounts. I have recently seen it. I am pretty sure a number of people/competitors have reported it to the Department of Justice (DOJ) as, while good for clients who get duped into this shitty software, it is technically an unfair business practice and highly illegal. If you want to see bad things come for this company then I suggest you send a tip to the DOJ, FTC, and other anti-competitive watchdogs. One audit would cripple these losers. Memeber Capone?

Seriously, you can still wait until the end of the month and get a real great deal. Happy closing!

(PS- Owner of blog, is there any way to get this post on the main page? How do we do that in general? Sometimes things get buried in the comments but it's useful information.)

Anonymous said...

Not true any more.
I am not at Meltwater anymore, but I know that they have changed their pricing structure, so you can no longer get huge discounts.
They don't go below the retail value of the basic platform.
You can only get discounts on deals that are multiple years and multiple tools.

I remember the old ways, and yes you are right.
But they have laid down the law now.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Anonymous said...

"I'd be happy to assist you in your fight against Meltwater. If anybody with a login to their CRM-system would like to share it with me, it would greatly help my company to gain competitive intelligence and bring down Meltwater :)"

There are none really top secrets about the Meltwater News and Meltwater News, but here are some "semi-secrets"

* The interface has a great/sleek design, which is supposed to weigh up for an EXTREMLY slow interface, which often is the case with software on the net (think Google Docs versus Microsoft Excel). All agents have a tab, where an agent is a glorified, automatic google-like search (just that the sources are mostly Internet news papers, and some others)

* A lot of the hits will NOT be relevant. If a firm by the name Supersports is called by a telemarketer, they will most of the time simply just hit (super*sports and "CEO" or "super sports" or) in the agent search tab. After the "I have a set up a test for company I'd like you to see (with senior/reporter voice) crap is over, they will show you the tabs and relevant articles (where irrelevant articles are marked as "no show" before they call you). After purchasing the product you will get notified every time some hyped up Internet news papers writes an article with "supersports" in it. The first part is what they mean the trainees to as consulting (searching for keywords with the engine), and the last part is what they refer to as "highly critical business information to decision makers in the world". Big words. But. Often times a waste of time, and there are free alternatives like Google Alerts what often work just as good. The so-called consultants at Meltwater that thinks some lame media article is business critical, should really go back to biz school.

* Meltwater Drive is basically a HIGHLY overprised backup and sync solution with accessible via Internet ala or Sugarsync, nothing new here.

* The agents, logins etc. whole inteface is based around making money. They split everything up in tabs and charge fat fees for every tab you use. And they will serve you any number in dollars, euros or norwegian krones aline with what you can and will pay. I don't trust the posts about "no discounts" all of a sudden. They are probably PLANTED here by Meltwater. This was one of the first elements of their BE ALL END ALL SALES MODEL, as they put it. Maybe they will make one of those how to trick customers and get rich books anytime soon

Anonymous said...

"I'd be happy to assist you in your fight against Meltwater. If anybody with a login to their CRM-system would like to share it with me, it would greatly help my company to gain competitive intelligence and bring down Meltwater :)"

Okk, now that is just plain old unethical. I work for Meltwater and no matter what my personal/professional feelings are, I would NEVER agree to that. Honestly Stephen, I feel sorry for the company you work for.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Agreed about the unethical stuff. I would never do that while I was there. However, if someone else does, I wouldn't mind if it brings Meltwater down.

Also, the people saying there is no more discounting are just plain wrong. Look at the today page every once and a while and you'll see crazy discounts. Especially around the end of the month. They will (and I did) discount all I wanted just to hit quotas and get money. It still goes on. It happened today and you know it!

The other poster was right in saying that this practice is highly illegal. I have since reported Meltwater to the DOJ.

You should also report them to the BBB and other consumer watchdog groups. They have done so bad things and people need to really be warned.

Thanks for this forum!

Anonymous said...

Meltwater employees were instructed to not visitthis blog by their comm director yet they still do. They dont listen to their bosses at all. Goes to show that their respekt ideal doesn't exist. I love how they keep pushing up the google ranks. Idiots!

Ps. Hi nick. One more to document for your useless report.

Anonymous said...

"No discounts here at Meltwater."

Yeah right. Of course Meltwater would try their best to PLANT information here.

So, to repeat: READ THIS, CUSTOMERS:

Friday 28.8 this month is CLOSING day. And they will begin to do horedealer/whore deals.

Yes, that's right:

A deal that normally cost your company 6000 € or 50 000 kr for a two year liscence you can get for as low as 2000 € or 15/20000 kr, if you just ask for it long enough.

If you press them even further, you can add years and users to the price. Since the additional costs for a new login are low to begin with, they typically will offer you more "tabs in the interface" in order to not drop in price. The price is the most important part for Meltwater, not how many logins (although they will tell you they pay employees a ton of money to do "search engine consulting == finding the right keywords in the search, which you can do yourself just as good" - the truth is of course, that the employees do this for free and only gain from it if you buy more, typically within 3 months after deal closure.

For existing customers that have paid the full price: I encourage you to call Meltwater, tell them about what you have heard about the whore pricing and ask for more users/years as compensation. They will tell you that they have huge costs if they give you more: Then just repeat the above. Here they will probably try to meet you so that you don't talk about the crazy and variable pricing to other customers/prospects.

I write this because I think the times are over when some salesman called you and made you a deal where you had no clue what to really pay for the service.

- ex-employee

Anonymous said...

Someone just posted about Meltwater Buzz. I think this community needs to reach out and help this person understand how bad the Meltwater organization really is.

Let's mobilize!

Anonymous said...

posted from a article comment about Meltwater Buzz here:

"Ben: You hit the nail on the head with your "lack of integratability with other offerings" comment. Meltwater is known for media monitoring, but it is also know for being a ruthlessly disgusting company with a very half-assed product. Their products are very shoddy and have many errors all the time. They miss a lot of content out there as well. With Meltwater Buzz however, they realized they would not be able to build this platform. Therefore, they leveraged some money (probably the same money from ripping off 10,000 other clients) and bought this tool. If you look at a free trial of Techrigy ( it's the same software, just skinned for Meltwater. You may be able to get it cheaper from the source.
Also, the company is now cash strapped at the moment because it bought the rights to this (for a year or so I believe) and a few other tools. Therefore, they have little money to put into the development (and by this I mean actually making their "core" product WORK) of their main products such as Meltwater News.
One thing to watch with Meltwater is their contracts and sales people. They are a very shady company. Search the blogs and twitter (deep because MW loves to bury with their own useless content). You'll see the ins and outs of a scam. You might want to use their own tool to track the company. You'll see what I mean. They look like this great social media presence until you realize they are trying to bury all the negative press they get. And I am not just talking about employees here, you'll see posts from clients getting auto-renewed and having terrible service and missing articles and hits. You'll also see posts about potential clients getting battered by sales reps even when they are in hospital rooms with their dying mothers. It's horrible!
The other thing you mentioned is the price. First of all don't let the limit on searches fool you. This is the best negotiating tool you have. You can hold out for 20 or so users/searches for the same price. They pull the same game for Melwater News. It's a joke/scam to get you to pay more. Also, the price is ALWAYS negotiable with these guys. I have seen contracts discounted for well over 50-75%.
Your best bet is to look into another tool. If you must use Meltwater, do your research beforehand. Do you really want to support a company with such a negative landscape? It's definitely a house of cards!

I hope this helps with your decision."

Anonymous said...

I am a happy Meltwater client, here to defend the company. If you really believe the garbage you read on this biased, one-sided blog, you deserve to use one of their sub-par competitors.

I've used them all, and Meltwater is by far the leader in their industry.

Anonymous said...

"I am a happy Meltwater client, here to defend the company. If you really believe the garbage you read on this biased, one-sided blog, you deserve to use one of their sub-par competitors."

Sounds like Meltwater planted crap again.

Did you get a hore deal? Whore deal? What did you pay for your serivce, and how many agents, users, years?

Probaby a happy whore deal customer.

Anonymous said...

Interesting too see that if you google, this blog appears as number 3.

Let's push it to the top!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have suggestions how we can force it up/consolidate the ranks of Google? Like post links, link to the blog and so forth? Can someone write a mini guide on this?

Anonymous said...

I'm supposed to have a group interview coming up soon, and after reading this blog I'm not sure it's a job I would even want. Now, I can't decide if it's worth my time..I wouldn't mind doing sales, but I certainly don't want to do cold calling.

Anonymous said...

I worked at Meltwater in Chicago for a total of 6 days. It was by far the worst work experience I've ever encountered. They clearly do not care about their clients, the product, or their employees. I was blown away to hear they let the phone ring when clients call because they don't want to set the expectation that they will receive the service they promise when selling the bogus system.

The Meltwater News product prices change, the team leads are sketchy at best, they expect you to eat, sleep and breath their worthless product for less than most people could make sweeping floors for a living.

After enduring a painful 5 days of their circus and being 'scolded' for arriving 3minutes late, I called it quits.

No individual with a decent level of self respect would tolerate such a corrupt working environment...peddaling a half-assed product Google offers for free.

I haven't visited this blog until now, but I have to laugh at the positive posts, knowing they are all coming from internal sources who were likely threatened they'd lose their jobs if they didn't take action. That or whoever they are sleeping with to get them to the top would likely find a recruit.

Good luck Meltwater News. You need it.

Anonymous said...

wow, this sounds exactly like one of Meltwater's competitors: Br**dtology.
shitty bosses, no respect for personal time and they constantly expect you to slave over weekends.f*** sweatshop.