Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An eye opening experience‏

Thank you to another contributor from the UK for providing this story.


I worked for Meltwater a few months ago, it was my first job out of Uni and thought I would give a corporate culture a bash!

I must say the whole experience was bizarre, first they use really standard propaganda techniques like creating an "Us and Them" mentality among the employees, which plays on aspects of human nature.
Truth be told the whole thing is treated like some kind of religion... I kid you not, in my training people actually spoke about life before they "found Meltwater" and how difficult it was... even then I thought it was bizarre!

The company culture revolves around working and drinking and it is really really unhealthy. I was one of the few who always had a life outside the office and was actually judged for it although managers would never admit that.

What was however the last straw was that unacceptable behaviour was just glossed over. One of the top managers in the office [name deleted] is a perfectly nice guy but the man clearly has an alcohol problem and I mean clearly!! And it is a horrific experience for any new employee to go for a drink with one of the managers and land up having to half carry the wreck of a man home and put him to bed... or if you happen to be a woman you have to fight him off first!!
All this was fairly obvious and had been experienced by almost everyone in the office but was never properly dealt with by management. I left after a really horrific situation of sexual harassment was completely glossed over and the girls were never even apologised to, even though the company put them in that situation in the first place. Further they were expected to sit next two him in the same office for the next two weeks and make sales calls while his booming voice and laugh flooded the office! The poor girls actually felt sick just looking at him!
At the very least you would expect management to stop him from drinking but no, the MD would encourage it as this sad and pathetic alcoholic behaviour amused him no end.
That is not a company that cares for its employees... I don't care what they tell you....
Most companies would have dealt with such a situation swiftly and efficiently and a company that really cares would have made and effort to rehabilitate this guy.
They try to buy you over as much as possible in the beginning but it is just a facade covering something really sad and pathetic.

The day I quit I woke up and thought to myself. I would rather be a waitress than work for this company!

So happy to find this blog..keep it going.....!!"


Anonymous said...

I sent in my CV on totaljobs in the UK and was suprised to recieve a call back within hours... The call was extremely vague and didn't provide any insight into the training programme. I am eternally grateful to all who have posted on here. I have dodged bullet with another BS 'graduate scheme,' aka another sweat shop where a graduate burns out every two hours lol.

Keep up the excellent works and again many thanks!

developer.jaipur said...

Hi Developers, and professional, n all these who wants to have a good career,

If you are aware about your career,
and want to be a good professional,

then please not work with meltwater (Company Name Suited at USA) the company have some rubbish project,
Like Media Monitoring, in this project, they hire professionals on low salary and commit to make a good career,
but all these thing are totaly fake, fake and only fake,

If you work with this at first two or three days may be your are Happy with this, but after some time you fell there is nothing to do, it's Good for Nothing ,

I My Self Working with this Project, at Jaipur for a long Period 11 -12 months,
But I have No knowledge and respect at Any where Even in my Friend Circil,
I Lost my All knowledge what i am Earning in 3 years in my college time,
I lose my all meaning full knowledge, also not gain any financial achievement in a year,
if i work in free starting 2-3 months in any company on a meaningfull work then today definitely i
have a good salary, and good knowledge also,have specification, and Pride, and A good Image in all my relationship
and Family and friend circle,

many other my Colleges are working with meltwater, they all are loss own Careeer,

TKrobot, Configuretion, NewsFeed, Newsletter, all these things are meaningless,
and at meltwater workstetus is following,
U have A Url Any Site/Domein Put this in this tool and Grabge all Articles and Fetch these in Meltwater
Database, and they are Give you Only RS 6-7 thousant /month,
and make you useless and prideless,

Anonymous said...

"I sent in my CV on totaljobs in the UK and was suprised to recieve a call back within hours... The call was extremely vague and didn't provide any insight into the training programme. I am eternally grateful to all who have posted on here. I have dodged bullet with another BS 'graduate scheme,' aka another sweat shop where a graduate burns out every two hours lol. "

As an ex-meltwater employee (worked there more than a year) I can just say the following:

You are dead on in your comment. They try to hide it, they lye about it, Jørn Lyseggen makes a lot of money on it, and they hide under a sofisticated service, but the truth is:


Anonymous said...

I must say, this blog is very sad.
I feel for the people in the UK operation, if this is how it is to work there.

I must add that I work in a Meltwater US office, and this is not what I have experienced at all.

My management team is very professional, and they do not encourage drinking.
Sexual harassment has never been an issue, and we do not hang out and party outside of the office as it seems other offices are required to do.

I think it is interesting how different all of the Meltwater offices really are.

I won't say what office i'm in, because we are obviously not supposed to be commenting on this blog, but I just want people to know that
not every office is a horror story.

What you see on this blog is very sad. But I've never experienced any of these shortcomings in my 2 years with the company.

Must be something to say for my excellent MD and the way he/she manages the team in our city.

I wish that all of the offices were like mine so that blogs like this would not exist.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Meltwater is your normal office annoyance X 10000 times more intense.

Combine that wich a deceiving pay structure (you put in more and more hours for less and less money per hour you work) and a rather religious culture you in for a miserable place to work.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I worked at Meltwater in Chicago for a total of 6 days. It was by far the worst work experience I've ever encountered. They clearly do not care about their clients, the product, or their employees. I was blown away to hear they let the phone ring when clients call because they don't want to set the expectation that they will receive the service they promise when selling the bogus system.

The Meltwater News product prices change, the team leads are sketchy at best, they expect you to eat, sleep and breath their worthless product for less than most people could make sweeping floors for a living.

After enduring a painful 5 days of their circus and being 'scolded' for arriving 3minutes late, I called it quits.

No individual with a decent level of self respect would tolerate such a corrupt working environment...peddaling a half-assed product Google offers for free.

I haven't visited this blog until now, but I have to laugh at the positive posts, knowing they are all coming from internal sources who were likely threatened they'd lose their jobs if they didn't take action. That or whoever they are sleeping with to get them to the top would likely find a younger...dumber...new recruit.

Good luck Meltwater News. You need it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"I worked at Meltwater in Chicago for a total of 6 days. It was by far the worst work experience I've ever encountered. They clearly do not care about their clients, the product, or their employees."

Great comment, even better than the post.

You meant the telemarketing divison of Meltwater, not the IT people developing the product. But as one commented even working as an engineer is far less than optimal.

Every day I go to work today I smile and think about the sad place I used to work. That place was Melwater, and there are strongs reasons for it.

Have a nice day!

ex-manager at Meltwater

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You obviously don't know the director in the Chicago office because you spelled her name wrong.

So you obviously don't know much, now do you?

Maybe you should stop talking about things you are totally ignorant about.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, so what other secrets could spill out here?

i know there are some...though fear recounting, as i may not have all the necessary facts.

remember when jorn tried repeatedly to light that damn torch in norway. kept going out...over and over again. now THAT was funny.

Anonymous said...

Jørn Lyseggen made it big time with Meltwater.

Thanks to naiv, young and over-ambitious fresh grads that basically work for free.

Meltwater's leaders are worse than the military. And with good reason: How the hell would you else motivate people to do telemarketing for 12 hours a day?

I get why Meltwater is Meltwater. But that doesn't mean you have to work there. It's easy to quit, done in a day, and you feel great afterwards. Recommended.

Anonymous said...

I work there.
And it's SALES!

I make PLENTY of $$$ each month!
I never worked for free!


I don't work 12 hour days, either.

If that is what your experience was in sales you likely fit
better in another industry.

Sorry it wasn't for you.
But don't knock the rest of us who are actually pretty good at what we do AND enjoy it too.

Anonymous said...

There are 8 core hours at Meltwater News, from 8AM to 4PM. Core hours at Meltwaters means: You are on the phone doing telemarketing.

Then you have the highly annoying-time consuming PROSPECTING on your spare time, presentations, silly work shops often times from 5PM to 6PM, but often times 7PM (handling emails goes from 4PM to 5PM), social gaterings, sales reports in Excel, information meetings (some new prices and religious motivational talk again), THE HIRING PROCESS ON WEEKENDS, writing emails to prospects, writing emails to existing customers (all for free, on your spare time, outside core hours). Not to mention setup of agents in the interface (consulting == hitting search engine).

As I was hired, I was called around 10PM, probably because she the manger was prospecting or doing emails after work.

If all of this, and much more, doesn't add to AT LEAST 12 hours a day, you, my friend, are blinded by their Meltwater work or die religion.

Thank god for this site.

Don't fit in the industry you say? You have yet a lot to learn about how selling is so much more than at Meltwater, and consulting is so much more than just entering some keywords in an online search service.

Meltwater IS and WILL BE a glorified telemarketing organization for it's software products. Difference is they just wrap it in with words like trainee, revolution, winners ... you know the drill.


Anonymous said...

current manager:

yes, you are right.
selling and consulting does require a lot of work, much more than entering keywords.

and that is why i am extremely successful as a meltwater manager.

EXTREMELY successful.

I am also able to manager my hours within an 8-9 hour work day, so that I get all of my calls, physical meetings, prospecting, and recruitment efforts done in the office, during regular work hours, on regular work days.

The only days that I work long hours are the ones where I am in recruitment.

The long hours are a result of me and my team trying very hard to find the right people for our office.

We work very hard to find the right people, and care a great deal about the team, therefore, we often deliberate as a team for hours on recruitment nights to find the right people for our office.

That is why you got a call at 10pm.
NOT because we were prospecting, or selling.
But because we were trying very hard to find the right people.

Obviously, our efforts are not always 100% successful, as you clearly did not fit within the organization. Which is disheartening for us.
We want to see everyone succeed when we hire them. We put a great deal of effort into finding and training the right people.

But as you are explaining here, SALES ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE.

I'm glad that you realized this, and have moved on.

But please, let the rest of us who actually enjoy our jobs, and who believe in our work go on without you tainting the good name of our company.

Anonymous said...

This is so f-ing sad...


Meltwater is NOT equivivalent to Sales!!!!

The sales process (at least in M News where i've worked) is quite unique compared to other companies I've worked for. And not in a positive way I might add... (read previous posts for info)

The correct phrasing should be:


This is something that the management in Meltwater have instigated. It's much easier to blame the employees performance than to take action against the problems that made the employee quit.

Most of the persons I know (incl myself) who left MN where quite good at sales but left for various other reasons. Mostly because of issues with management/salaries/vacations etc.

A tip for all of you brave soldiers who still work in the "air castle" :-) : critical thinking, critical thinking, critical thinking! Don't believe the hype!

Anonymous said...

but i love my managers at Meltwater.

my salary is awesome, especially when I'm selling really well.

and, i get 4 weeks of paid vacation each year.


Anonymous said...

"But as you are explaining here, SALES ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE."

This is on repeat at Meltwater. Basically clients and ex-employees are stupid idiots. They draw this conclusion based on some weird argument that they have no life skills and can't sell.

Those 8 hours a day at Meltwater is just the beginning.

Be prepared to work twice as much as your colleagues in other firms for the same money.


Anonymous said...

i make a lot more than my friends in other firms.
so not sure what you are talking about.

and I really don't know where you get the idea that Meltwater thinks ex-employees and clients are idiots.

2 of my best friends in the world are ex-employees!!!

and i sincerely value my clients.
even hang out with a couple of them outside of our working relationship.

you are seriously jaded, dude

Anonymous said...

Log every hour you work. Note what you get paid per hour.

Now go review that with the hourly wages of McKinsey, Google and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Regardsless of hourly pay, which can be discussed (although you have to remember that high selling months basically cover up for low selling months, so you get a mediocre result at best):

at Meltwater your work day is:

- Highly controlled by young, untrained and unexperiences managers, think military style, and you get constantly dragged into a boarding room "for coffee" to get yelled at for coming in too late, selling too little, calling too few companies and so forth
- Long. And increasing in hours as you hit manager. You punch in early, and after micromanaged workshops and social gatherings (which socially must be wasted time on) you come home late. Don't take the planted posts here to seriously - Meltwaterians actually make fun of people that work the standard 8 hour work day, they think they are somewhat better than everyone else just because they work their ass off
- Stressing and tiring. Telemarketing gives you back pain, stress, computer-eyes and head aches all day long. And the office environment are typically cheap IKEA furniture your back will hate after some 60 hour work weeks.
- Annoying. Reports, hiring, presentations, discussions, information meetings. All consuming time, and you only get paid for a sell, which basically takes hundreds of hundres of telephone calls.
- Repetetive. Working at Meltwater telemarketing is just like working at a sausage factory. You do the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.

I know this first hand.

If Meltwaterians tell you something else, please note:


Walks like a pig, talks like a pig, looks like a pig,


Anonymous said...

your hourly wage at Meltwater is only a safety net salary ( not what you are expected to LIVE off of )

this is in place so that you aren't living on pure commission like so many other sales organizations!

who can live on pure commission???

i work 8 hours a day at Meltwater.

no more...
and the bonuses and commission opportunities have been VERY beneficial for me

sorry for the back and forth here, but I feel that people should really have a balanced view of what it is like to work here, rather than the rantings and ravings of one disgruntled ex-employee hell bent on taking the organization down single handedly

Anonymous said...

What makes you think there is only ONE ex-employee here?!?

There are loads from all around the globe posting and commenting here.

Meltwater will cease to exist sooner or later. House of cards.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but you are the same guy
over and over

it's obvious

there may be more than one, but you, dear sir, are standing rather alone here

same typo's in each comment, same stuff to say.

quit jabbering and let other people speak their mind, or else this just looks one sided and biased, thus not helping your position.

Anonymous said...

There are 32 comments here. I pasted 2 - two of them - on the core hours etc.

Regardless of your whining, I rest my case.

Prospective clients and employees - be warned about this shady sweat shop.

Anonymous said...

Melterwater is great. I love that when some one does something well we all have to walk out of the office, down the street and ring the bell at the subway to signify that we did what we were suppose to do.....our job. That seems like an efficient use of our time. It's the constant reassurances that really warms my heart. Keep telling yourself that you're great and one day maybe someone outside of the Meltwater Cult will believe you. Until then.....Meltwater Who?

Keep ringing that bell!!

Anonymous said...

my experience at meltwater was marked by both dark and light moments.

- the money was good at times (though this changed with time...certainly not due to a lack of effort)
- some of the people were truly great (and some were evil, devilish individuals)
- it was a great feeling in the beginning...great to feel as if i was part of something big (though this subsided once i realized the truth)

- physical afflictions due to stress from threats and irrational expecations
- direct knowledge of shady activity
- sheer exhaustion during "recruiting process"
- inability to pretend to sing along to the meltwater song after a certain point

- the recruiting process is a joke
- the long hours...well, hell, i work long hours now at my real job. i don't mind them. the difference between here and there is that now i am doing real work...i am compensated and recognized for my efforts.
- there is not a day that i walk into my office without recognizing what i went through at meltwater and smiling because i am not there anymore.

Anonymous said...

you ring a bell outside the office?

i had nightmares about that bell.

Anonymous said...

I actually love ringing the bell :) :)

Where else will I find such a youthful and enthusiastic way of celebrating a job well done?

IT feel grrrrrrrreat!!!!

I also love popping the bottle of champagne and sitting back with an office full of young, intelligent people that I like to be around after a hard day's work.

I haven't found that at any other company, ever before.

I'm sorry your experience was not positive.
But don't think for one second that is the way everyone in the company feels.

I am really passionate about what I do, and about the clients I work with. And that is the God's Honest Truth.

Anonymous said...

but there is no god.

Anonymous said...

i don't know bout you, but on a friday in the afternoon, i was looking forward to getting into my weekend...socializing with friends, going to eat, wandering around...doing what i do. the LAST thing i wanted to do was stay in the office and pound beer. in the beginning, it was a novel experience...with time, it wore on me.

you can say all you want that these events aren't mandatory...but as any meltwaterian knows, this is not the case. your stock will fall if you don't hop, skip and jump along to the beat.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that replying to this blog is an efficient way of utilizing Meltwater time. I could be cold calling companies and attempting to sell them a product that they really don't need. Or has posting to this blog become part of the daily Meltwater job function? Tell them we're great or suffer the consequences!!! Now lets all sit around and ring the bell together....

And for the "Anonymous" that stated he/she/it made more money than friends at other firms. Well that's not all that difficult when most of your friends work at Wal-Mart and the off ramp near Midway selling socks. You know what, I am giving your friends a raise. $3 per bag of socks.

Take that Meltwater......

Anonymous said...

you are a really nice guy. ????

actually, my friends are in sales.
at respectable firms.

but thanks for being an asshole

Anonymous said...

Selling socks on the off ramp and working at Wal-Mart is SALES. Sounds like you are having an off day. Perhaps you rang the bell one too many times.....or not enough...I'm not really sure. But good for you. Your job sounds really really neat. And you should be proud. Now go make some calls. The keg gets here in about 4 hours and we need you to clean out the beer bong. Another Meltwater Office Party!!!!

Anonymous said...

let's all unmask

Anonymous said...

This is interesting: http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/kit-eaton/technomix/if-youre-applying-job-censor-your-facebook-page

3. This one is tricky, but more interesting: Don't apply to a company that looks at your social network profile to determine your worthiness. Would you invite your employer out with you to a bar, or take them on holiday with you? Nope, but that's what having them sniff through your social network parallels. Everyone's a person, and everyone is fallible. Social networking is typically about interacting with friends, expressing your joys as well as your frustrations, successes as well as failures, and most of it is on an informal basis (LinkedIn being a little different, admittedly). This stuff is just not your employer's business. It's "Work to live," remember...not "Live to Work."

Anonymous said...

"Work to live," remember...not "Live to Work."

Dude, you're at the wrong place.

This is the anti meltwater blog.

Yes, anti MELTWATER blog.

They are way, WAY past the "live to work" phase.

They are at the "Yeah!!! High five!! We work for GOD!! We're ROCK STAR ENTREPRENEURS! We have life skills-we sell-work better-smarter-we are winners"

Beer anyone? :D We Party Hard, We Work Hard ...

And ...

Well. That's it :)

PS: We do hiring and reporting in Excel for free on weekends, just PM us

Anonymous said...

Meltwater.......just plain terrible.

Anonymous said...

"but i love my managers at Meltwater.

my salary is awesome, especially when I'm selling really well.

and, i get 4 weeks of paid vacation each year.


It's great that you feel the way you do about your managers and salary. Obviously, not all ex-employees do. This site is a proof of that. Personally I think the management strategy used by MN is naive at best. The salary is ok as long as you can keep 40-hour work weeks. Most people I came across could not.

4 weeks of paid vacation is ok if you can choose when to take it. During my time with MN you couldn't.

Do you have anything negative to say about your job or are you completely sold?

Anonymous said...

When you are an entrepreneur Rock Star (well, actually you're an employee, but that's not so important...), you're never skeptical.

Mix that with some alcohol on Fridays, and you have a bunch of overworked telemarketers more convinced of their company than the Scientology group.

It's hard to describe in one sentence, but Meltwater is some weird, nerdy place.

Anonymous said...

48 posts.

Now that's just great.

Come on Meltwaterians and ex-employees and ex-managers.

Let's push this bitch to the top :D

Anonymous said...

Hahahahha, just heard a song,


"Så hva så om de har mindre kontor bort i Japan. Det er varmt å trangt og sjefen din er fort i slekt med satan. Få ting på avstand, der du svetter foran datan. Det beste med en jobb er fortsatt det å dra fra'n."

Meltwater should play this loud in the office.

I can't translate it from norwegian from english, but it just suits!

Anonymous said...

One comment... Just to push it up on Google :-D
I hated my year with Meltwater, worst experience ever.
And now I have to explain to potential recruiteurs how spending a year learning how to call people and annoy them on the phone was usefull for my carrer... Not easy to find a new job after Meltwater !

haha said...

Hey there, to whoever doing Damage control here.

Good luck on trying to find the next job, when the Meltwater go extinct, I think it could be pretty soon.

I wonder what face does your future recruiter saw your CV with the Meltwater news on it. Even if they don't know Meltwater , a simple Google will bring them here. If you check the previous post comment, you better pray or start delete the Meltwater out of your CV.

How long does it takes for your client to notice google offer the same service for FREE!

Anonymous said...

hey admin,

you should change the title of this blog into "don't work for Meltwater News and don't use their services!!" so that potential clients will be warned when googling the company that just called them..

Anonymous said...

"I hated my year with Meltwater, worst experience ever."

Why didn't you quit when you found out that you didn't like it?

"I wonder what face does your future recruiter saw your CV with the Meltwater news on it."

Then you've just contributed to making your future life (more) miserable by making that comment (which all your future wannabe-employees will see).

Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Who posts on the Anti-Meltwater blog at 3:15am? Meltwater employee, were you just finishing your "prospecting" for the next day. Boy your job seems glamourous. How ever were you able to land such a sweet gig? You most likely were in the top of your class at DeVry or perhaps I detect a hint of the University of Phoenix in your tone. Not quite sure which, but they both reek of failure. Man, Meltwater News.............they are something alright......something terrible!!

Anonymous said...

I can’t say that I ever intended to post anything on this blog, although I must say that most of what the Meltwater-haters are saying is fairly accurate. But recently, my office has decided to implement a policy whereby you are FORCED to put a dollar into a jar for every minute you are late to work or return late from lunch. I mean come on. Who is running the show over here? I’ve got morons on my team that think it’s okay to take my hard-earned, well deserved money. It’s like Kindergarten all over again. I think we should implement a policy where the greasy dirt balls that I work with have to put a dollar in a jar every time they say something crass or decide to mentally undress one of the female employees. That would get a full jar pretty quick. Then we would have enough money for another forced company keg party and they wouldn’t have to charge $5 a cup to break even. I’m embarrassed for everyone that is, has, or ever will work for this company.

Anonymous said...

Hahahhahahah, great story.

The dollar in the jar, be stressed, be overworked-or-you-did-something-wrong attitude IS SOOOOOOOO TYPICAL MELTWATER.

Working as Meltwater is just like going back to elementary school. Although I am really convinced that there are millions of kids in the school system that get more respected and have more flexibility than at Meltwater.

Do yourself a favor and Quit Meltwater today!



Anonymous said...

To prospective clients/Til nye kunder

Next week we will dump our prices for *ALL* new customers 50 % off. This is a long tradition here at Meltwater. The reason for this is because we have some telemarketers that are NOT, og my god, NOT, in budget, so we basically sell everything for a low, heavily discounted price, given that you Sign Quickly! It is very sad, and it costs our workers a lot of time which we have to pay for (or do we? I think so ...), but we HAVE to do it, or they will not get paid on target this month!

Excising customers can get years, agents or users added to the contract for 50% off, if they Sign The Dotted Line Quickly before Friday next week, 12AM. But, the sooner, the better!

If existing customers know other companies in the building they work, we can offer our services to them, but if they don't mention discounts we will naturally charge them 100 % Full Price oyeah!!! High five. That would make a high five target sales quota of yeah managing director do you love me now??????

Yeah, and if you don't Sign The Dotted Line or return the email with an "OK, I buy Meltwater Services", you can naturally phone us next friday after THE FRIDAY when we also need money for hour beer budget, but WE DONT LIKE THAT, BECAUSE WE ARE PROFESSIONAL SO WE GIVE YOU 50% OF NOW BUT YOU SIGN NOW, ALSO!

Someone should make a Meltwater TV series!

What a joke to work there! PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

magenta news

Anonymous said...


so the $ in the jar is ridiculous
i agree.

but i work in a meltwater office that would never do that.


yes. there may be differences between offices, and that may be a weakness, but NOT ALL OFFICES ARE LIKE THAT.

Anonymous said...

Weakness in the office?! It’s absolutely absurd!! The manager that came up with that should be fired on the spot. It’s ridiculous ideas like that which cause unneeded stress and anxiety for Meltwater employees. I’m not sure that that type of sophomoric behavior is tolerated in any work environment in the United States. I sure hope that post was a joke and that there really isn’t a $1 penalty jar. And if it is true, the individua(s) should be reprimanded. That’s not America, that’s not even Mexico!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... $1 dollar in the jar... classic Meltwater... = collective psycosis.
If this is true (I wouldn't be THAT surprised) I feel truly sorry for you who work in that office.

I have my suspicions regarding which MD it was that came up with the idea, might his initials be J.O. perhaps?

Anonymous said...

WHO CARES? All you people find something to do!! Find a cause, go do something productive, get another job, quit the company if you want to if you still work there, get used to how they do things or change things yourself, save the whales, work with handicapped kids, move to Mexico, do whatever. My God you people are really embarassing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, no one started a Blog about how terrible my company is. That sir, must be embarrassing for you.

Anonymous said...

"My God you people are really embarassing!!!!"

-- You're no better.

"I sure hope that post was a joke and that there really isn’t a $1 penalty jar. And if it is true, the individua(s) should be reprimanded. That’s not America, that’s not even Mexico!!!"

-- Try to work there. You WILL find out that the fucking jar problem is the smallest of the HR problems at Meltwater

"Hahaha... $1 dollar in the jar... classic Meltwater... = collective psycosis.
If this is true (I wouldn't be THAT surprised) I feel truly sorry for you who work in that office."

-- Of course IT IS TRUE. And yes, IT IS classic Meltwater.


Who belive they are "ROCK STAR ENTREPRENEURS" like Jørn Lyseggen, when they are Jørn Lyseggens BITCHES!!

Anonymous said...

Just looking at all the Meltwater Tweeter's has convinced me they know how to swallow.

Anonymous said...

Message to Meltwaterians taking the weekend off to prospect:

Please remember not to come in late 8AM on Monday.

Meltwater has emptied the jar, and the fee is increased to 15kr, 1€ or 2 dollar per minute you are late.

Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Reply from employee: O yeah! That's just a great, SUPAH-ENTEPRENEUR-ROCKSTAR-JØRN LYSEGGEN thing to do!!!!

This way we will get up much, much earlier, and bring in more deals, so we personally get paid each month!

Manager: Yes, of course. We DO NOT profit from it. Because we both want deals. Your deal is YOUR money (and 85% hours, muhaha).

See you before 8AM on Monday (*blink blink*)

Anonymous said...

Man I miss the times at Meltwater. You brought in a deal, and while having the customer on the phone asking questions about the product after closure, you would have some unexperienced manager behind you whispering about "SELL MORE YEARS, SELL MORE USERS, HANG UP THE PHONE YOU NEED TO CALL 100 PROSPECTS TODAY". And then get passive aggressive if you spent like 20 minutes on the phone doing customer service.

Man, do I miss it. In particular when I sat in the boarding room modifying lame search engines on some CEO, and having the MD knocking on the glass door to the boarding room trying to help me hang up on him, and go back to prospecting/telemarketing.

Man, do I miss it.

Or not.

Happy high five closing week! :D

Anonymous said...

Can't we all just get along? Let's hug it out!

Anonymous said...

Awfully quiet here lately. Kind of makes you wonder whether or not there was some internal craziness with the Meltwater offices as of late. I sure hope everything is alright because who else is going to push a product that no one really needs or that you can get somewhere else for free? Beverly DeAngelo? Because I don’t think she is going to do it. I don’t even know how to get a hold of her.

Anonymous said...

The Meltwaterians are having closing week AKA 50% discounts for ALL NEW PROSPECTS, GO AND GET IT!

Which also means they are working a 12 hour+ work week to cover up in sales so they get paid this month too.

They are probably tired, burnt out, overworked and sick of all the annoyances from the management, in particular the untrained, unexperienced, arrogant kids that flood the Meltwater organization.

But, bottom line, they work so much that everything else, social life IS ON HOLD.

Including writing on this blog.

Just wait until friday when the beer bong is out and they get drunk. They will return to plant info here again, for sure :d

Anonymous said...

not true.

we are just sick of defending ourselves here.

you are making yourself look pathetic, so we don't really have to worry about you anymore.

people don't take you for a credible source anyway, so we are slowly learning that no matter how hard you may knock us, and how much time of your own personal life / new job you may devote to bringing us down...

you ultimately won't make a difference.

so we stopped caring. :)

have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

New prospects. New employees.

Here is the "Meltwater in some keywords" list.


Sleazy, shady, glorified search engine, low hourly pay, annoyances, you get overworked there, trainee-that-is-not-a-trainee-but-a-telemarketing-position, micro-managing-of-employees, pushy sales, pushy telemarketing, long hours, computer eyes, unhealthy work volume, a-lot-of-phone-calls-and-unvaried-training-and-work-tasks, a-lot-of-phone-calls-and-unvaried-training-and-work-tasks, a-lot-of-phone-calls-and-unvaried-training-and-work-tasks, Jørn Lyseggen, Oslo, Noway, Main office, heavy discounts, shady price policy, LOST LAW SUIT IN NORWAY-watch out

learn-telemarketing-sales-the-fast-way, good-commissions-to-start-with, can-quit-after-some-months

Anonymous said...

I think this is a very credible source of information regarding Meltwater News. I have heard differing opinions as to the pros and cons of working for this company. It seems to be a free exchange of ideas whereby no one is afraid to speak their mind. I just can’t figure out why there are so many negative comments. Leads me to believe that either Meltwater really is a terrible company that past and current employees would devote this much time and effort to post their gripe, or these people have a lot of free time on their hands. Whichever it is, I think the blog is very helpful. It also surprises me that current MW employees spend so much time defending themselves on this site. Such a defensive tone resonating throughout from the obvious current employees. Kind of makes you wonder......why so angry?

Anonymous said...

In response to the last comment...
Meltwater is angry because of the personal defamation of character and the libel that is happening on this site.

It IS lawsuit worthy.

The use of people's names in slanderous ways is absolutely unethical.

The people who make this blog should really be careful.

And a word to the wise.
If you do believe such a hateful form of libel as a credible source you will end up with a very skewed vision of the world.

The people who make this blog may be angry for personal reasons, which they may be justified in having, but to try and bring down a group of strangers through personal attacks on their character is a very hateful and unethical way to operate.

Anonymous said...

It IS lawsuit worthy.

The people who make this blog should really be careful.

You, my friend, have no clue about what your talking about.

No, it is NOT lawsuit worthy, and no, people should speak up and warn potential clients and "trainees" of this highly shady company.

"Kind of makes you wonder......why so angry?"

It is hard to describe all posts in one sentence, because there are a lot of people writing them, all different.

But you should wonder. Blogs like these are rare, and for a good reasons; companies like Meltwater are rare: usually companies fight to get the best candidated, Meltwater markets their telemarketing positions as trainees, and generally have a less than optimal offer to fresh grads. Trust me on this, you don't want your trainee to be a Meltwater one.

All of the hundred posts up here; they are here for a reason.

Think about it before you post.

And to Meltwaterians: It is CLOSING week. Get back to your SaaS CRM system and prospect, god damnit!!!!

Anonymous said...

You may not think so.

But the use of people's real names IS lawsuit worthy.

And there are plenty of examples of libel on this site.


Not everything on here is legit, and that may come back to haunt you.

As I said. You should be careful.

Anonymous said...

Crap o' mania.

Go back to prospecting and telephone calling, work nerd.

Anonymous said...

The same hype Meltwater tried to scare off Mediebedriftenes Landsforening.

Didn't work, did it.

Anonymous said...

Libel is not hype.

It is illegal.

Laugh it off...laugh it off.

You will be sorry.

Anonymous said...

Nice job Meltwater PR. Your argument is about as solid as your product. Did you hire a team of uneducated reps to post legal threats on this blog?

No harm in freedom of speech and warning the public about what an unethical company this is. You think posting on this blog is harmful? Imagine what you are doing to the psyche of your employees. It's terrible.

And if you bothered to read the link you posted you would notice that point one is about posting false accusations. I don't think anyone at Meltwater is or is able to deny the truth to what is being made public knowledge.

This might help you all:

# Step 1

Research the law. Generally, to prove the elements of a libel claim, you must be able to show that someone printed a false and unprivileged statement about you, that this statement was published or conveyed to other people and that this statement resulted in damage to your reputation or caused you mental anguish.

Key word here is FALSE.

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Well, good luck, and inform it here in the comments when you succeed.

Until then, just shut the fuck up and go back to prospecting. Just don't call my company.

Anonymous said...

they have all of that and more.

sorry to rain on your parade.

Anonymous said...

false accusations tied directly to people's full names that have harmed their reputation.

that's what they need, right?

that's what they have.

now maybe you should hush.

Anonymous said...

Enough with this petty bickering, here are some quantified facts to clarify:
*1 out of 3 people quit within the first 3 months.
*50% make it through the first 6 months.
*A staggering 16% make it through the first year with the company.
*30%-40% employees hit monthly quotas. Although unsatisfactory, these numbers are actually inflated because many quotas are “reduced” because the employee is new, a manager of new employees, etc.
*20%-40% employees do not sell a single dollar in any given month.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Here's one more for you: In July 2009, only 15 of roughly 91 people in “New Business” roles across the US & Canada sold for full target of $20k. Meltwater FAIL.

Anonymous said...

And you get these numbers... where???????

There are no statistics posted anywhere about any of this.

Hope you had fun making up your numbers! :)

Sure sounds convincing. Too bad it isn't true

Anonymous said...

It should be common knowledge by know that Meltwater depends on automatically renewing clients 60 days prior to the end of their contract. Clients aren't notified of this, although their Client Relations rep's quota is based on this figure and date. Funny thing is that I've been watching a lot of these automatic renewals, and most of Meltwater's clients don't have prior to January 2009 don't have valid contracts. This means clients are being automatically renewed according to terms/conditions they technically don't have.

Anonymous said...


Get a life!

I mean, the top seller at Meltwater sold $60,000 in July.

And that is a fact.

3 times their quota.

If you want to post information here you may as well get it right.

Anonymous said...

Those numbers came from the monthly emails sent out from management, tracking employee terminations, and observing the revolving door that is Meltwater. Look at any office. Time to open your eyes.

Anonymous said...


At any given month, there are shitloads of employees working their ass of, not selling a dollar.

"But this one guy sold a lot" is typical Meltwater-crap-o'-mania.

I work there. Believe me, I know this.

Anonymous said...

93 comments. Come on, PR person at Meltwater. Let's WORK a lot, have a ball with high fives, and SUCCEED trainee-like in posting over 100 posts!

Come on! High five!

Anonymous said...

If that posts didn't give the PR person a hard on (whey are horny after big words at Meltwater in between telephone calls), nothing will

Anonymous said...


At any given month, there are shitloads of employees working their ass of, not selling a dollar.

"But this one guy sold a lot" is typical Meltwater-crap-o'-mania.

I work there. Believe me, I know this."

-So how the blokes in your office doing this month?

Anonymous said...

The 60 day auto renewal thing is legit. they say they've stopped doing it now, but that's only because in the US only around 25% of customers were paying. Many were just not paying at all and laughing at the policy (oh, the policy of auto renewing an account for US$ 5-25k and not warning them). Many are suing or threatening to sue. Meltwater has no permanent lawyer in the US. Just this one lady that gets a lot of contract biz because of all the shady and borderline legal contracts at MW. Otherwise, it's the Accounts Rec. team that pretends to be lawyers and push out legal bullshit. You got to understand they are 24-27 year olds go up against people with 15-25 years in EXPERIENCE. It's a losing battle. Many people who pay (or dont) say they will never do business with Meltwater again. They have a huge problem there just with that alone. It's killing their growth business model.

Also, talk to outsiders about their employee stock purchase plan. First of all it's not a ESPP at all. It's even more of a scam. It's actually on the very edge of legality. Meltwater hires some smart people and even they didn't understand it. Bad investment too knowing their business practise and the flopping M-Talent. Sorry Jorn!

This was a great idea. Had great promise. I don't know what happened. Greed? Stupidity? I really don't know. It's doomed to fail though. I feel sorry for my friends that are still there. I know they can do better. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

If you still have friends there why are throwing them under the bus by posting here on a site that advocates complete lies about them day in and day out?
There may be some valid points embedded in here amongst loads of crap ranging from calling them "whores" and "good at swallowing" etc...
You have to admit.
These guys are OVER THE TOP with their false accusations and gripes.

Why would you even consider egging these guys on???
If you were a true friend you wouldn't be doing that.

Anonymous said...

In response to the above (and I am the one who "threw my friends under the bus" 2 posts up):
About 90% of this site is completely spot on. Seriously! i know some of it is crass. But I was there a while, I know a lot about a lot. Most of what is being said ("swallowing", "banging", etc.) is true. Maybe the manner they are saying it is crude, but nonetheless, it is true.
My friends know/knew how I feel so I don't feel as if I am throwing them under the bus. I am merely trying to advise clients and young graduates to pass on Meltwater. I am persoanlly pleased to have kept at least 13 clients from signing up and even more potential employees from being hired. Sorry to those who got duped on my watch.
If I were to be able to write all of my gripes without everyone knowing who I was, lawsuits would be involved (both by me towards MW, MW to me, cleints to MW and employees to MW), 100s of clients would cancel and sue, no one would work for this company. Oh, and the INS and Immigration is already investigating multiple allogations of illegal workers in the US and US workers abroad. How long do the Canadian offices think that they can get through customs saying they are just visiting. I know of at least 5 managers working in the US and getting paid out of UK or Scando. They stupidly admit it to people.
I remain anonymous for a reason. If the person who owns this blog thinks it's a success with the google ranks, Meltwater is sure pleased I don't have as much time for vengeance. And that is my way of not throwing my pals under the bus.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Meltwater, you have a PR problem. 99 comments just on the latest article?

I don't, you don't, nobody wants to work for a sleazy, glorified telemarketer with 99 negative comments on the web just in a couple of days.

Today is closing day. As in 60% discounts for everyone, or at least 50%.

Or, a major opppourtunity to NOT close a deal with Meltwater, and go look at other media monitoring solutions instead.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Let me start by saying that I'm representing a happy client of Meltwater. A recruitment company, actually. I haven't been encouraged to write this or anything like that.

As with all media monitoring services my company has tried, there are ups and downs all over the place. Meltwater has been proven to be fairly good in all the important aspects; service quality, customer relationship and - of course - pricing (which was the thing that "scared" me at the first place, because they were "too cheap".)

We decided to go for Meltwater, and we haven't looked back since.

I've read a lot of this stuff on this blog, and I have become a bit disturbed. Very disturbed, actually. I've read through on this site, and I'm shocked!

I'm not shocked by Meltwater, but by the people working there. Or - the people that DID work there, obviously. To those people; if you were as unhappy as you say you were with the conditions in Meltwater, why didn't you just quit? It just doesn't make sense? It seems like you struggled to be in the company as long as possible, and when you didn't succeed, you felt that you had to revenge yourself or something?

Naming specific people and what they do during their spare time is bad enough, and including those "actions" in a company context is a violation of privacy (which you yourself has written a lot about, so you're obviously not any better yourself).

To everyone else that still works for Meltwater and feel the same thing; please quit if you're not comfortable! My company is very happy with the service from Meltwater (at the moment, of course), but we certainly don't want our people interact with people in Meltwater that doesn't care about their job - or, even worse - wants to make things worse for their own company and their clients.


Anonymous said...

I work at Meltwater and care about my job and my clients!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

From a happy Meltwater employee to the happy Meltwater client:

Thank you!

We completely agree here at Meltwater!

If you are not happy, and currently work for the company, please, for the love of God, talk to your manager about your feelings!

I am a manager in the company, and if one of my guys is unhappy I will do everything in my power to help them find happiness and success in this job, or in a new job - With or Without Meltwater.

I genuinely care about the people I work with.
And let's face it.
Sales is not the career for everyone.
Or maybe not sales in general, but sales at Meltwater may not be for everyone.

But please. Don't disrespect your company, and ultimately yourself by airing dirty laundry on this site.

This site is distasteful, and unethical.
The comments on this site are dishonest, especially when calling individuals out by name.

AS the last person cited, it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE that you are only destroying someone else's privacy by posting comments about their relationships and personal lives, etc... And by doing so you are doing exactly what you say you hate:
Invading people's privacy.

Meltwater may not be perfect. No corporate entity is perfect. But if you still work there, and are posting private company or employee information on this site for the public to see, you are only aiding the imperfections and making it very hard for the company to strive for a better work environment.

I say you air your dirty laundry on the employee survey that is about to happen in Sept.


That would be the respectable, constructive thing to do.


Anonymous said...

Yes, there are happy Meltwater clients and happy Meltwater employees. There are employees that sell well over their quota and others that last over 6 months with the company. Those however are the exception, not the rule.

I have seen unhappy clients ignored near their renewal date so they don't have the option to cancel. I've seen consultants and managers fired without notice because they didn't share the brainwashed mentality of the culture.

Today a client was automatically renewed without being notified. I looked into the account and discovered there is not a valid contract on file (as mentioned in a post above), or a valid confirmation from the client. The flimsy "contract" on record does not even include the terms & conditions stating it would be automatically renewed. Meltwater is simply sending unauthorized invoices, and if they dupe a client into paying them, great! I'm certain if that client asked any questions about the contract, their rep would tell them it was all agreed upon last year and they don't have an option. If you are a client and caught in this position, simply do not pay the invoice. It is that simple and Meltwater does not have the resources to collect.

Advice to clients: whether you are happy or not, tell your Meltwater rep you want your subscription to end on the agreed end date unless they are given a written agreement to renew. This will at least give you some bargaining power when it comes time to renew, and your contract will be renewed on your own terms.

And the statements about Meltwater giving huge discounts at the end of the month are absolutely true. Every day this week there has been at least one 12 month basic platform package sold for $3,000USD. That's 40% off. One account was even automatically renewed earlier this week for $2,000USD.

As of yesterday, Meltwater as a whole was on 41% of its new business quota according to Jorn. If you ask for it and hold firm, they will give you just about anything to try and make their sales volume appear respectable this month.

Anonymous said...

Nice Job Meltwater PR team.......you almost had us there for a second with the "Let me start by saying that I'm representing a happy client of Meltwater" and "I haven't been encouraged to write this or anything like that. " Boy....back to back positive comments. Seems a bit forced to me. We haven't heard from any Meltwater employee's mothers lately....what's up with that? Tyring a new plan of attack? Bogus Bogus Bogus

Anonymous said...

don't you wish that were the case ;)

just as you say there are many "haters" on this blog...
there are also many defenders.

I wrote one of those positive comments.
not both.

but nice try ;)

and as for the current employee hater:

Get a new job if you hate it so much!

You are a sell out if you stay and gripe "anonymously" during work hours. I mean, really ???

Anonymous said...

As a client who is very happy with Meltwater News, I am appalled by this site. The last couple positive posts were well put however. Although this one...

"Nice Job Meltwater PR team.......you almost had us there for a second with the "Let me start by saying that I'm representing a happy client of Meltwater" and "I haven't been encouraged to write this or anything like that. " Boy....back to back positive comments. Seems a bit forced to me. We haven't heard from any Meltwater employee's mothers lately....what's up with that? Tyring a new plan of attack? Bogus Bogus Bogus"

I must say that the person who wrote that comment is comical in many ways. Someone is so bitter! Anyway, just wanted to chime in and elaborate that I am actually happy with this company and if individuals on here want to actually vent about the company, name calling and "dirty laundry" will never have people taking you seriously...

Have a great weekend happy Meltwater peeps!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone worked for Meltwater News in Helsinki? I would appriciate if someone has any stories.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I am supposed to be going for the group interview with MWN on friday in Dubai. However, after reading this, I am not so sure!!!! Wish I had read this sooner as it would have saved me the time of sending my CV and writing my cover letter and then filling out the questionnaire and sending it off to confirm I was definitely going to be there for the interview.
Would it be rude if I was MIA??? lol