Monday, November 2, 2009

"Everything you need to know about Meltwater and more"

"Let me begin by saying: Meltwater News – I’ve been to lemonade stands that run a better business. Here is everything you need to know about Meltwater and more. If you are looking to work for this company (or just signed with them) please read everything. If you are a prospect looking to purchase the product, please scroll down to The Business Model section.

My time at Meltwater News started right out of college (clearly, this is how they get everyone. You have sent out application after application and this company approaches you with, “the best job ever”).

The Interview: Held at a local Marriot, the interview was broken over the course of two days. The first day, it’s a group interview. You along with five-ten other interviewers are sitting opposite side of the current Meltwater employees. You sit through a description about the company; how well it’s done, the organic growth structure, the potential, the possibilities for horizontal as well as vertical movement. Then one of the top sales personnel will tell their story of how they became successful so quickly and their favorite client they’ve signed so far (or should I say tricked into sending back a contract).

On the second day, if you make it to the second day, they bring you back for a one vs. five interview. This is where all the people of Meltwater look you in the eyes and try to determine how you will make them money. Bottom line, it’s a pyramid structure where the MD (managing director) makes money off of the SM (Sales managers) who in turn makes money off of you (the sales consultant – aka telemarketer)

Anyways, I guess they thought I could make them some cash, so they hired me.

The Training Period: The first three months you are at Meltwater you are under a microscope. You start out training with the SM’s and MD’s doing “workshops”. These workshops consist of sales training 101. You learn about the product, how to sell and how to sell. Different offices have different methods in training the “newbies” – some offices would call pretending they are calling clients, some sit in a room and go over power points all day, some would go over “cases”. Anyways, I went to school where you read over Harvard case studies about businesses that excelled and analyzed their strategies for success. The typical Meltwater case study was not like those at all. The Meltwater case study was about what to say and how to say it. Let's see what I can remember, being gone from Meltwater 6 months now: “Hi, this is Sarah from Meltwater News – how are you today?...That’s great! I actually wanted to reach out to you because I’ve been reading about (Insert Company name here) and found some great articles on you. Do you have a minute I would love to show you?” Now this could go two ways, they could say yes, and you, as the sales consultant, would “get a login for the day”. Or, they would say no and you’d respond with, “ok – well I suppose I can send them to your email, what’s the best email address to reach you at”. Then, once they give you an email address, you would put them on “Trial” otherwise known as, sending them articles, whether you know if they are relevant or not.

This training period ramps up. So as a sales person you have a $5k quota to reach the first month, $10k the second month and then you are on full quota your third month, $20k. SM’s have to hit $15k a month and the MD needs to hit $10k a month to help their offices. But, unless you hit your quota, you do not get commission. One month I sold $19k and was $1k short of my $20k quota and didn’t get ANY commission from it. (This is something they failed to tell me during both The Interview and The Training Period).

The Day to Day: You are in the office by 8am, with the phone off the ringer by 8:01. Do not think about eating breakfast at your desk, do not check your gmail, do not pass go. In my office, we had a schedule to go by. 8-11 sales block, 11-12 “sparring” (sparring is what they called going over cases – if you did not have any cases from the 8-11 sales block, keep calling people until you do), 12-1 strict one hour lunch break, do not be late for the 1-3 sales block. 3-4 more sparring, 4-6 sales block. (Have you seen a trend yet? This is an all sales job. Where the consultant part comes in, I have yet to figure out). If you do go in for an interview, ask them how much sales there are compared to actually working with the clients. When they actually become clients, they don’t get as much attention. I vividly remember a client wanted me to change their account to follow a list of competitors and my managing director told me I needed to make more calls for the morning and to make the changes during lunch or after work.

The Day to Night: Think the work day is over when you leave? Think again. You’re not motivated if you do not work on the weekends. Each week you are supposed to come in with a fresh new list of prospects to fill your “Pipe” – the pipe is where all the customers that you registered are stored. The start as prospects then you can move them further down the pipe if you get them to log in, put them on trial or give them a contract to sign. The trick is, once you move them from your prospects list to the “login” stage, you then need to register more prospects to keep your numbers up. On average, you need to have 100 new prospects a week in order to hit your weekly goals of 15 logins and 15 trials. But then, if you have 15 new logins and 15 new trials you lose 30 total from your prospect list. Where do you get those 30 new prospects from? After work and Sunday nights; this is the time you spending endless hours finding new prospects. I remember going through lists and lists of companies trying to find one that Meltwater employees hadn’t registered yet. 9 times out of 10 our colleagues have already registered the company and therefore you can not go after it. This is also subject to human error as I was witness to wars started over Meltwater employees “duping” or duplicating an already registered client. This also gets tricky when you deal with companies like SC Johnson that own 5 million subsidiaries. Does the person with SC Johnson get the right of way, or does the person that registered all the subsidiaries like pledge, windex, glade, etc.? There were no clearly written rules on this subject. My sales manager lost $15k over this when her client's company got their subsidiary, which was registered under someone else, to sign for 50% less than they were going to. In addition to this, don’t listen to them when they say “oh, you can go after whatever companies you want” – um, that’s wishful thinking. They should really say “you can go after any company that isn’t registered yet and will talk to you.”

The Management Trainee Growth Structure: My manager was one year older than I was. I was 22. Pulling from an above mentioned statement, the company was said to be “organically grown”. This means that they do not hire from outside the company, they promote within. Sounds like a good gig right? Work long enough and get promoted? Well, this statement or “organically grown” was half true. On one side, you told yourself “well, my manager has only worked here one year and she got promoted.” However, the company was very political. The people that sold the most and new people (if you were Swedish) got to the top first. The other way to reach the top level was being brought in from the outside. At the summer party, they announce the new management who was a new finance director and other VP’s from outside the company. So, they weren’t growing organically. Good one Meltwater, you got me there.

The Managers: As mentioned above, the managers were very young. And although you were a “good seller” it didn’t always translate into being a “good manager”. There are plenty of cases at Meltwater where the top sellers get promoted to manager and their “newbie” can not sell. Why you ask? This is because they don’t know how to manage people. The most common attributes from both my sales manager and my managing director were demanding, frustration and impatience. My managing director managed people through threats. If you don’t meet this, then this is going to happen. When having a one on one with him, it was evident that I had more management skills than he did (and yes, I had a lack of experience, at Meltwater, but I went to school for business management. Something he knew nothing about.) In fact, I should have had my human resource professor give him a talking to, I’m sure he could learn a thing or two, or seven. Over the course of his management our office plummeted. Out of the four employees I was hired with, only one person is still working for Meltwater (poor guy, I feel bad. They pulled the wool over his eyes. All I want to say to him is, “Sorry, but you’re not going anywhere and you’ll be a sales manager the rest of your MW career – I’ll bet money on it”). The office lost two people to other offices and when speaking to both of them before they left (and before I left too) they spoke honestly about the new manager and how everyone in that would suffer from his lack of people skills.

The Business Model: As I described before, you get prospects, log/trial them, give them a proposal and hope they sign before the end of the month. With each new month, comes a new beginning at Meltwater. (Unless you don’t sell for three months in a row – then, then they fire you). Again, I want to mention that it’s a pyramid structure. You get commission for your boss and their boss when you make a sale.

Anyways, with Meltwater News you sell a subscription. You buy a year, two year, and three year contract for as many modules as needed. With each module, the price goes up $5,000. I believe this is the most arbitrary number that sounded good at the time; it has probably increased since I’ve been there. Regardless, NEVER PAY THIS PRICE. If you think car salesmen are bad at haggling, you haven’t met a Meltwater “consultant”. One of the people I was hired with was asked on the phone, “how does this measure ROI?” – He put them on hold, leaned over and asked me, “What is ROI?”

For the “basic package” which included news articles with ability to customize your “morning report” (a report sent to your, as well as four other colleagues’ email every morning with the news you want) ran you $5,000. In addition to that, you can get a “newsfeed”, “analytics” or “newsletter” for an additional $5,000 each. The top package being all four modules for $20,000. The Meltwater consultant will work with you to find what you need at the time, molding the price to the price you need as well. If you think the price is too high, it is. And if you think you can only afford $1,000 then say “If I can get you a signed contract today, can I have the basic package and newsfeed for $1,000?” I guarantee the Meltwater consultant on the phone will put you on hold to “Ask his manager”. All they care about is the sign contract before their month is up. Another good question to ask is “how much money do you need to hit your quota?”. If it's $4,000 then I guarantee if you go: “OK – give me all four modules, for two years at $4,000 (which should be $40,000) and I’ll get you a sign contract today”, they would.

The overall product is not worth the money they say it is. Bottom Line: One huge thing that they didn’t mention during our training period was the competition. Who else was out there? Here are some names for you to check out: Burrelles Luce, Vocus, Google News. Here are some facts that the Meltwater Consultant will tell you and the truth:

Burrelles Luce: They are mainly a “clipping” agency. They actually use scissors to take clips and print them, then mail them to you via snail mail. Truth is: Yes, Burrelles does do this, but a lot of fashion magazines, etc. need the actual clip. Secondly, their Imonitor is catching up to Meltwater.

Vocus: They are so expensive and only focus on PR people. Truth is: they have great media lists. They have positioned themselves to be a one-stop shop. Meltwater has looked into them because they are great at what they do. Yes, their prices are expensive but they are worth it.

Google News: They don’t have the source base that Meltwater does. Truth is: At least their source base is from credible sources. Meltwater follows anything and doesn’t have the capability to scan articles that are multiple pages like Google can (i.e. if you are mentioned on and the article is broken over two pages, it won’t be able to pick up your “keyword” unless you are on that first page).

The problem with Meltwater is that is pawns itself off to be the best media monitoring system. However, it only follows Online Media Monitoring and it does this very poorly. They have a long way to go before they get the product to a place it should be. Wake up Meltwater. You’re not the best. And your personal consulting will end once I sign on the dotted line. Also – there is an automatic renewal clause in the contract; have them remove this before purchasing if you are a prospect.

The Company: The Company is failing to see its own demise as they are breaking up and expanding horizontally. When I left, MTalent was just starting out. Staying in touch with a representative who got transferred over to that section of Meltwater “petal” said it was the biggest mistake of her life. The human resource software sounded great but a huge mishap on their part was sizing up the competitors. She now spends her days calling and calling and calling with little traction on the sales front. Because she was such a good seller in MNews, they moved her there. (My guess, they didn’t want to keep paying her the commission).

The End Result: I got another job before they could fire me. I did well there, sold a lot and was on their good side. But that being said, there were a lot of politics at Meltwater News. People dating, getting fired/asked to leave/didn’t fit, people getting the approval on certain packages and not others, arriving a minute late/leaving a minute early, doing prospecting during company hours.

My advice to anyone looking at this company is to not waste your time. If you are already there, find a way out. Chances are you are in the Management Trainee role and many of the companies have already been registered. Then, when you sign them as clients their account will transfer into client relations for them to resign. So you never get commission on the clients you worked so hard for when it comes down to resigning the subscription. And, after reading another post on yahoo, if you are interviewing elsewhere and they are asking why you left/got asked to leave say this: “Meltwater promised a lot of things and failed to deliver. They claim to hire the best of the best, which I am and still believe to be true however they only promote the people that can sell. I looked at my sales manager and after being there for three years, she had a lot more selling to do before she ever got promoted again. My sales manager didn’t have any new challenges within her day to day routine; she had the exact same one from the day that I started to the day that I left. In fact, I guarantee she is still doing the same thing now. What time is it? 3 – She is wrapping up her afternoon sales block. To me, that’s not challenging, it’s mediocre at best. I know now that everyone’s got to start somewhere. I learned a lot from this position, including what not to do, which I find equally important in learning and personal growth. Overall, I think Meltwater News was a great company for a na├»ve college graduate but if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t. I would have been more patient.”

OK – well I hope everyone learned a little something from this post. It’s amazing, but I could definitely go on. I didn’t even mention the Kick-off party, not taking any time off (or not being allowed to take a day off) and all the things I appreciate working for a normal company now that I’m not with Meltwater News.

Happy Prospecting!"


Anonymous said...

If nothing else, I would fire you for your inability to construct a sentence. I'm certainly not here to defend the company you speak so poorly about, but I am amazed someone could read over a cover letter from you and not immediately reject your application.

Furthermore, a great deal of the "facts" you presented could not be farther from the truth. For example, given your base of $3,000 and your 20% commission, you would begin receiving additional cash after passing 15k. After all, 20% of 15,000 equals 3,000.

But hey, maybe you just struggled with math and english, in which case, your acceptance into the company is even more comedic and your recruiter should be even more ashamed.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Great post. Spot on. But yeah, if you had a 19k month you made 3k base and 20% of everything over 15k ($800). It's still peanuts compared to how much you worked for that. I know!

I think I might know who you are. I think we were actually good friends at MW. I also know that the girls at M-Talent hate their life right now. Europe was cool for 3 months but now it sucks.

Great post though. And yes, be careful of the auto-renew.

PS- If anyone knows of Meltwater pirating or misusing software, visit the Business Software Alliance ( as I know they are trying to build a case. Oh, and the federal government (INS) is looking into the illegal workers.

Anonymous said...

i wonder how much longer they will be in business.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Meltwater is a crap company, with crap people!!!

Anonymous said...

Great article. Thanks.

Of course, all of this text isn't random. It's how Meltwater looks and feels like.

The positive is, however, that you just love getting overtime pay, take decisions, have varied work tasks etc. when you leave Meltwater. Having survived Meltwater, you can basically surive any entry-level-position - it will *always* be a better experience.

Anonymous said...

Did a short stint for MWnews. This post is SO very very true! Great for people who are being recurited to know the facts before they waste their time. Thanks for adding!

Anonymous said...

great post :)

ps: what about adding this site to Wikipedia under "Critisim" - maybe with several languages.

Anonymous said...

Great post - spot on! I also did a short stint at MW, enjoyed the people, but knew after about 6 months it wasn't the right fit. I'm not that evil of a sales person:) As for MTalent, last I heard was that they were getting rid of that division and focusing on expanding other petals. I always found it funny that Meltwater was attempting to sell HR Management Software when they had no HR department to speak of within the company.

Anonymous said...

I honestly regret the time I wasted working at Meltwater. I know a lot of people still "stuck" there and afraid to leave because of the job market, the economy, or some misguided sense of loyalty towards a company that does not deserve it. All I can say is: start looking elsewhere and you will not regret it. It took me a month to find a job that pays me much, much more and where people treat me with courtesy and respect every single day, where I am not pressured by an unrealistic monthly deadline, where there are no mind games or manipulative managers constantly harassing me. True, the corporate world will always have its share of bad managers, but MW brings “shady” to a whole new level. This company has a lot of growing up to do before it can amount to anything. It’s not worth it to work there until they figure out how to treat their employees with respect and retain sales/management talent. There are tons of better (& better paying) sales positions out there—and you will certainly appreciate them more after working for MW. One of the happiest days of my life was the day I finally quit and I’ve never looked back.

Anonymous said...

I concur with the above post - please don't waste your time getting sucked into the 30k OTE salary quoted in the UK. The targets are difficult to acheive even if you are prepared to work 10-12hrs a day, 7 days a week. In a previous role I earn't triple what meltwater consultants were earning without putting in silly hours.
Stay well clear - the software is rubbish, google alerts can do the job better and costs nothing.

Anonymous said...

this is basically my exact experience of working for the company, and i too got out within the first few weeks. my manager said he'd send me a p45 in the post. he didn't. when i emailed him about it he claimed to have done so. he hadn't. when he finally sent back a shoddy, scanned in p45 via email, the tax number was wrong. do not work for this company. do not buy from this company. simple.

Anonymous said...

How about the non telemarkiting jobs like in engineering & project management. They seem to have lower turnover rates.

How are the company financials ?

Anonymous said...

merry christmas meltwaterians.

where you going for kickoff next month?

ready to party til you cant move?

think jorn will run around in the snow with a torch again and try (keyword) to light an even bigger torch?

Anonymous said...

Meltwater = Crap o' Mania.

Putting in silly hours for nothing.

Geeky, annoying "managers".

Negative stress and unmanageable expactations.

Sounds great? Well then apply for Meltwater, or buy any of their products, and have a lot of fun!

Merry Xmas!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where they are going for Kick Off this year? I know someone got their tits done before the orgy in Jamaica last year.

Anonymous said...

How is this company still alive?

Anonymous said...

How is this BLOG still alive ?????? ;)

Anonymous said...

yes its amazing to me that the blog is still everything outside of all the personal "issues" have been thoroughly repeated and discussed. there really isnt much more to say.

as far as the company goes, i honestly wonder how it still stands on its feet. a real question.

Anonymous said...

You know Kick Off was canceled this year? Meltwater is broke. Their time has come. No employee-manager hookup fest this year.

Michael J. Stiefel said...

wow, great post. MW sounds exactly like Enterprise Rent A car so called "Management program". I also waisted 3 years of my life working there, washing cars, pressured to sell insurance on every customer. But I definitely not looking to do it again. Didn't know nothing about MW, read their website. At first, it sounded promising. They called me for an interview, but this time I wanted to do more research. I already made the mistake in rushing to take a job when I recently graduated, I was naive. In researching about MW I found other negative posts and later this site. MW is the same as Enterprise: they take advantage of college graduates.
Great Post!

Anonymous said...

no kickoff?

i thought that was the heart and soul of magentameltwatermania?!

Anonymous said...

Here is Jorn's sugar-coated explanation from a few weeks ago:

I am sending you this email to give you heads up on kick-off for next year.

Kick-off is a meltwater tradition where we celebrate last year’s victories and see the new year off to a good start. It is a Meltwater tradition I know a lot of people is looking forward to.

In 2009 however, we have struggled quite a bit. When we don’t meet our quotas or are significantly behind our objectives, it is not only sad from an aspiration point of view, but it also have tangible financial consequences.

Because of the weak performance during 2009, we have discussed internally whether it is a responsible thing to do to fly everybody in to a grand arrangement.

Meltwater is not in financial difficulties, but as a management team we have discussed whether we can justify spending millions in the current situation.

Of course we see the importance for everybody to get a chance to meet colleagues from all over the world, to see the bigger picture beyond the daily experience in their little office. On the other hand we are talking about an extravagant tradition that cost a lot of money, money that can be invested in our current product, new petals, and MEST.

After discussing this back and forth in the management team we have decided to go ahead with the a kick-off, but in a different fashion than previous years:

1) The kick-off is moved to April (16-18) in order to give us another 3 month on top of the usual 12 months to save up to cover the cost

2) The kick-off is organized with a cost conscious profile

Anonymous said...

I just love that some asshole on the inside is stupid enough to post emails from Jorn on this site,
as if there aren't ways to figure out who you are ;)

Anonymous said...

After Jamaica back in Jan this year where will it be?
Perhaps Blackpool or Bognor Regis?
I can't wait to find out, April isn't far away!

Anonymous said...

HOW DARE you insult the genius that is Jorn Lysegen. The man is a hugely talented and multi faceted individual and if that isn’t enough, he is SO HOT. Any Meltwarian, current or ex who has attended kick off and spent time in his company, must be blind not to see that.

You weasels, hiding behind your anonymity, casting blame for your failings on a man who has single handedly reinvented the world of online media monitoring, are bordering on the verge of blasphemy. All I can see are small minded petty individuals who are obviously all too well aware of what you are missing. I mean, if you have to write a blog about us, it’s quite clear you can’t have moved on. You are like an ex lover who can’t get over the fact that their ex has now moved on and is happy with someone else, so has to post horrible photos of her half naked with her eyes half closed and cellulite showing, just to try and make yourself feel better.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when reading the hideous abortion of content that makes up this wretch of stinking bile. Is this all you can now do with your clearly ruined lives, now that you have been spurned from the best working environment in the world?

I made up a poem which I think represents exactly what kind of three pinned in plugs all you anal-crust-anti-Meltwater-anti-Jorn-must-suffer-from-mental-illness-turd-bars must be.

Dear Mr or Mrs I didn’t make it, I’m sorry that your life is so shit
That you sit here writing lies
About your time with the Meltwater guys

Are you sad you’re missing kick off? When we get to party and do good stuff
Whilst I’m chilling out with Jorn
All you losers remain full of scorn

If it’s any consolation
Maybe if you’re really patient
You’ll get a job which is a fraction as good
As how we do it in the Meltwater Hood!

Ha ha! I didn’t even know I could do that until I just did it!

Anyway losers, jealousy is a vile and consuming emotion. Get a hobby other than cutting the eyes out of dolls, train-spotting or fossil collecting and actually do something with your lives rather than spew out this fictitious nonsense to all and sundry. I hope 2010 holds more hope for you and gives the option to get your lives back on track and obtain the medical attention you need.

Meltwater Faithful!

Anonymous said...

"hot jorn" hard at work....

Anonymous said...

The big ugly wolf is a genius?!

Anonymous said...

Meltwater Faithful's post in support of Jorn is incredibly revolting and reflects badly on the caliber of MW's employees. Unless, of course, it was all tongue in cheek...

Anonymous said...

"Unless, of course, it was all tongue in cheek..."

You're a total dope

Anonymous said...


I found your blog after googling Meltwater now that they are recruiting in Australia.

You are being far too gracious by being diplomatic regarding what is essentially a pyramid scheme. Meltwater is the latest in a long line of boiler room sales outfits polluting job boards and recruitment sources with promises of more glamour than a graduate could poke a stick at.

I am impressed to see how the sophistication of their recruiting has improved including presence in 2.0 and funding some other initiatives.

Businesses like this will always exist. Unfortunately job boards and graduate resources don't adequately police business models based on pyramid employment arrangements advertising on their services.

You are right though, it is a beautiful way to break through the naivety of people entering the work force. It doesn't seem to have worked for that tart, "Meltwater Faithful", an individual who apparently spends more time inspecting her own reflection than discovering true business development practices.

Ditch the mania and discover the reality of success. Sustainable relationships built on true service. Find it wherever you look for it, in any business sector because it IS out there, just not in a pyramid.

Shame on Meltwater founders and their inevitable successors.

Anonymous said...

"Shame on Meltwater founders and their inevitable successors."

To the absolute tool who wrote that totally ridiculous piece of garbage above, I have this to say to you.

Firstly, Jorn's little finger is more suave and sophisticated than a piece of nob rot like you could ever be. He has conquered the world of online media monitoring - what has an unemployed douche bag like you ever done? (apart from finding previously unheard of ways to be intimate with yourself as no girl would ever want to go near you!) I can easily imagine that you are extremely ugly and like the majority of other goons on this blog, are jealous of where Meltwater are and where we're going in 2010 (pronounced twenty-ten, not two thousand and ten you bell ends)!

You refer to us as a pyramid scheme. Do you know how comical you are? We offer graduates the opportunity to be managers in MONTHS. Doesn't sound much like a pyramid scheme to me you great big moron.

Seriously guys, this whole blog and its mentality is so embarrassingly pathetic, I'm actually using some of your characters and comments as inspiration for a childrens' book I'm writing in my spare time. Without going into too much detail, it's based on a wonderful magical kingdom with lovely people who've come together from all over the world. They're ruled by an amazing king who is generous, kind and gorgeous. Unfortunately, some people in the kingdom weren't very nice and didn't work very hard to make the kingdom even better so they went off to look for another magic kingdom, (which the king and all the other people in the first magic kingdom were fine about by the way). Unfortunately, when the people had left the magic kingdom they realised that that was the best magic kingdom in the world and they wished they'd worked harder to stay there. They were very upset when they realised they couldn't go back, so started spreading lies about the magic kingdom they'd come from in a vain and pathetic hope to destroy it as they were so jealous. I've not quite figured out the ending yet, but I think the nasty liars will all end up contracting rabies or something of the sort. Anyway, look out for it, I'm sure it will be a hit!

Well, I'm going to go and knock up some super cool boolean searches now for all the amazing trials I'm going to put on tomorrow! Try not to be too jealous as you wait for your benefit cheques to come through!!

Meltwater Faithful!

Anonymous said...

"Well, I'm going to go and knock up some super cool boolean searches now for all the amazing trials I'm going to put on tomorrow! Try not to be too jealous as you wait for your benefit cheques to come through!!"

One day you will wake up and smell the coffee - unfortunately for you maybe a little too naive or immature at the moment but one dat you will and I sure hope you do soon!
Let me tell you are wasting your time and energies working for this shady, poorly managed and oorupt cold calling business which sells a search tool which essentially doesn’t work 1/2 as well as Google alerts which is FREE!
The sooner you leave and put meltwater down to an honest mistake the better, many other contributers have done and beleive you me DO NOT regret moving onto bigger and better things. You are worth more; the turnover rate and constant recruitment drives surely must tell you something?

Anonymous said...

"It's based on a wonderful magical kingdom with lovely people who've come together from all over the world. They're ruled by an amazing king who is generous, kind and gorgeous."

So you've been totally brainwashed...
You are pathetic !
Meltwater is just a freaking cult.
This company could have been great only if it was managed by other people...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how many offices have closed? I know San Diego closed down late spring last year (although still on their website as an office). I was wondering with the bad year in sales if they closed any other offices.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how sales in the UK are going?

How come no one is following this on this blog?

Anonymous said...

its been coming... - i think that this may be the moment for the mad expansionism to halt and for them to consolidate what they have which will allow them to provide a much better service to clients (certainly than when I was there)

btw, MW faithful, if you like the job then great, please just say so! The way you are carrying on only validates other comments about the cult like atmosphere etc...

Anonymous said...

I can promise you.
Meltwater Faithful does NOT work at Meltwater.

This is just someone trying to make them look even worse through acting like a jerk.

Probably the author of this blog, honestly.

I agree with a lot of the things written on this blog.
But this "meltwater faithful" person is definitely not a current employee.

- Current Employee

Anonymous said...

good god i do hope you're right, it is rather nauseous reading!! will be interesting to follow this NLA story.

Anonymous said...

Meltwater interview in Toronto tomorrow..

I have been reading the opinions online about this company but i'm curious about how they actually are to work for in Canada. Has anyone had any experiences?

I don't know what to do. I have an interview tomorrow. Do I cancel and save myself a half day and train fare? is it THAT bad?

Anonymous said...

To the most recent poster -

I'm a current Meltwater News employee in a U.S. office. I've been at the job about 6 months and I am extremely happy. If you are motivated and SMART about how you, you can legitimately work a 40-50 hour week and make 40-50k or more. That is what I am doing right now, and gaining incredible experience in sales, marketing and business development. Yes the monthly quota people refer to here can be challenging to meet, but it is certainly not impossible or back breaking, and during your interview they will be honest with you about it not being the easiest job in the world.

This blog fails to mention the autonomy employees are given on a daily basis, credit for the deals they secure, and overall meltwater spirit which i can honestly say I'm very proud to be a part of.

Don't believe everything you read. I read this entire blog before walking into my interview, because I didn't want to take rumors or other people's stories seriously until having a chance to make my own judgment call. I'm so happy I went to the interview. You will see immediately how legitimate this company is and where they are destined to take their business model in these next few years.

Of course nobody posting here would want you to know that just a few weeks ago Meltwater was named one of the 100 most influential companies as one of the 100 global Red Herring winners. These winners were based on their financial performance, technology innovation, quality of management, execution of strategy and integration into their ecosystem. Specific to the Red Herring 100 Global Award, the judges looked closely at the company's global strategy to evaluate how the company will be able to handle the challenges of internationalization and a global presence.

Past winners of the regional awards (Red Herring 100) include Google, Yahoo, Skype, Netscape, and YouTube.

Go to your interview. make your own decision. don't take other people's opinions seriously here, sales is a tough environment where many people fail, and apparently feel the need to post embittered comments to make themselves feel better and justify to themselves the fact that they just couldn't cut it.

-anonymous and happy meltwater employee who's not a manager yet but yes still making good money and yes allowed to take vacation days and yes very happy with the choice I made to come on board with this company.

Anonymous said...

I think the comment from the person above and "meltwater faithful" are the same person!!!

Anonymous said...

I currently work for a truly global communications company as sales manager but after graduating I came across this role along with the incentive of £30k so thought I would apply.

As part of my research before attending a recent interview with Meltwater I encountered this post. I read all the comments and almost did not attend. I did attend though and am pleased I did.

It showed me that the grass is not always greener.

The interview consisted of the attractive Meltwater employee simply asking where I liked to go out, who with, do I have a partner, etc... At no stage during the day was anything business related discussed.

Maybe they gathered everything they needed from my resume and questionnaire, but I doubt that. Why would they pay for me to travel 1000km just to flirt?

The experience left a bitter taste in my mouth. I felt that Meltwater are highly unprofessional and could probably benefit from a little less organic growth and employ some proper managers with experience of managing. This is obviously exasperated due to having no HR department

It is probably worth highlighting that this is not a pyramid organisation as such. In all sales organisations as manager you are only as good as your staff and therefore you are judged on their performance so why should you not get paid depending on how well your team does? I currently get 50% of my bonus for my how well my team sells and 50% on their behaviour (attendance & discipline).

I have been offered the role and have kindly refused it.

Anonymous said...

This blog is fantastic. I came across it having worked at Meltwater a year ago and leaving because I couldn't stand the weird culture they have there. The MD in our office even admitted that they were trying to create a "cult like atmosphere" so all your comments about that are completely true. I would be extremely suprised if that "Meltwater Faithful" character WASN'T a real employee as I can think of at least 5 people from my time at Meltwater who I can imagine writing that kind of stuff. 3 team leaders in our office were even considering getting TATTOOS of the Meltwater M on their backs! How ridiculous! This company will only let you progress if you're willing to give your whole life up to them and work shouldn't be like that.

Anonymous said...

I worked for MW about a year ao also and I agree about the rediculous atmosphere they try to create there. The thing I especially hated is the bell ring each time someone closes the deal.
And yes, during the personal interview they dont mention the fact that you have to work overtime durng the weekends and at home. And if you fail to maintain your pipe they concider that you re not motivated enough to work with MW. At the same time you were not allowed to prospect during working hours. I was quite happy to quit after 2 months of routine cold calling.

Anonymous said...

Forced fun may make the corporation more agreeable, but it also makes it less well-informed and less responsive.

Anonymous said...

I've read a lot of these comments and I agree with most of them. Some people are a little over the top and I guess that's understandable. I worked for Meltwater for a little while and during that time I became a miserable human being. A lot of the employees are really nice but the directors and even the CEO use pressure tactics, which make you very insecure and fearful of your job. It is really for someone who wants to do some serious sales, and not afraid to get pressure each day you walk in the office. Although I learned quite a bit about the intro part of inside sales, the monthly quotas will grind you down. It's not a matter of if, it's when! If you've ever seen the movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray wakes up to the exact same day, everyday, that is Meltwater. Most of the time, the Meltwater service didn't work and often misses sources from the basic premium sites. The analytics portion of the service often took 10-15 minutes to load and many employees and clients would become easily angered.

By no means am I trying to be an angry ex-employee, simply because I have better things to do. But social media is a growing avenue to express feelings and make others aware of the goods and bads about any topic of interest. In this case it is obviously a topic of interest. Meltwater should know of the services they sell is a Social Media tracking tool. I wonder if their Communications Director uses Meltwater or prefers to use Google because it's free and actually works??? Someone should ask her, you might be surprised.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing this link ;-)

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles office just shut down. Got Enere?

Anonymous said...


I was about to apply for Meltwater Group but after reading your comments I am doubting that.
Nevertheless I was about to send an application for Meltwaters New Ventures can somebody tell some stroies about that so people know??? Also does anybody know something about MEST (Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology) people should know about it too??

Thanks its seems you saved me some pain.


Anonymous said...

Question from a former employee of one of Meltwater News's California offices:

Are there any other ex-salespeople from California who have filed claims for unpaid overtime? I don't know what the laws are like in other states, but in CA I'm pretty sure that inside salespeople paid under MW's schema are not exempt from overtime laws, and are therefore entitled to compensation for any overtime worked, even up to 3 years after working for the company.

I'm thinking of filing a wage claim. Does anyone know anything about this? Please comment if you do!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I don't care about anyone trying to defend this company. This is a multilevel marketing. It is pretty much exactly like CUTCO or vector marketing. Same sort of move up through the ranks sort of thing. I was definitely wondering why the website was incredibly vague in describing everything including the videos on "recruitment process" and "what it takes". This business model only works on a product that sells itself. I am not saying the services provided by MW are poor, but competing against your fellow employees, come on MW. Anyone with business sense knows that is one of the top ways to run the firm into the ground. High turnover? A light should come on here. Oh and their "non profit" gig in Africa. Seriously MW, that is just wrong, low, and deceptive. I want to thank you again for preventing me from making a huge mistake.

Working in the real world said...

I found this blog while having worked at Meltwater Drive for a month and wish I had found it prior to applying and joining the company. There are pros and cons to every story and everyone has their own opinion. The comments about Meltwater stated in positive and negative ways are true, obviously depending on what office you work at. But overall the same "Meltwater culture" seems to reign throughout the company.

As many others, I was hired as a recent University graduate, thinking that I was going to be a part of an International Management trainee program. Little did I know that the next 4 months of employment I would be cold-calling for 90% of the time and feeling pressured to sell, sell, sell. Yes, selling is something that you need to like to do, but there are also different ways to approach it and the Meltwaterian way is very forceful. The people working at Meltwater who have been "brainwashed" into the culture, are completely blinded by the fact that all they care about is selling and getting money. Therefore, no attention is paid to the way an office is run, its employees nor its clients (this also depends upon the office worked at).

One can pretty much see that not everything was right at the office I worked at, as people from different petals (News, Drive, Talent, Buzz)were not satisfied. In a 6 month period we had 12 people leave (or as Meltwater likes to say, "were asked to leave"), which was around 50% of the office. Obviously new recruitments began straight away.

The moment I figured out what was going on with the company, and how it lacks the foundations of a real company, such as an HR department and other supporting functions, I started looking for a new job. I hope that people applying for jobs at Meltwater will look at this blog and use it as a warning but also can make up their own mind about the company. Because things may not be the same way in all offices, but from what I experienced at the one I worked at, I can say that I will never work for Meltwater again.

I now know what a real company is, as I am working in a position where I can actually do a job that a University graduate should do. Where people are treated as adults and given respect. I think respect is something that Meltwater lacked; you had strict work hours, were punished for being late, had to explain in detail why you might need to go to the doctor, or were sick, the amount of calls you made per day were monitored, and so on. I am glad to be working with adults now and done with the constant monitoring and pressuring.

No more do I have to hear, GOGOGO! SELL!SELL! Ring the bell and get paid!

Welcome to the real world.

Anonymous said...

just interviewed over phone with them. did some reading. definitely not spending the money to fly there. thank you!

Anonymous said...

your blog was very helpful. i just got a call from them to come to sydney for the interview. and i have worked for the cobra group before and this sounded exactly like that. and when i said isnt 2 years a really short time to get your own office, she said, yeah well we are growing that fast.

i will not be travelling to sydney for the interview. the description over the phone set off a flag for me.

although i think people who can keep to a job there will do extremely well. such was the case at cobra. also, they were only making sure that I had been to highschool, not much else.

Anonymous said...

Amazing blog! Thanks for your help and courage! I have never come along a company, where its ex-employees set up an anti-company website!!! I was about to send an application, then I looked at the Managing Director´s linkedin website(Holly Engelbrecht) and found out that she had been Managing Director and then became Sales Consultant...strange career, isn´t it? Anyway, then I checked on google and found your blog. Thank you internet! So happy I did not waste my time with them!!!I was working for Continental Airlines in a call centre once, that was SELL SELL SELL-experience enough : )

Anonymous said...

I had the first interview today (the group interview in front of the five Meltwater employee panel). Do you think that the Buenos Aires office (Argentina, Latin America) is the same as the ones you described before?

Anonymous said...

So you applied for and got a job as a Sales Consultant and are upset you were asked to sell? You didn't hit target and are annoyed you didn't get a commission? You think it's wrong that people who can sell, IE do their jobs well, get promoted? And you believe that you, with no experience and a purely academic background could do a better job of managing. Your post reads like the whinging drivel of a spoilt child. You clearly have not the slightest understanding of how the real world works.

Anonymous said...

So you applied for and got a job as a Sales Consultant and are upset you were asked to sell? You didn't hit target and are annoyed you didn't get a commission? You think it's wrong that people who can sell, IE do their jobs well, get promoted? And you believe that you, with no experience and a purely academic background could do a better job of managing. Your post reads like the whinging drivel of a spoilt child. You clearly have not the slightest understanding of how the real world works.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up! I was suppose to go to an interview today in San Diego but after reading this I'm going to choose between one of my other job offers I currently have.

Anonymous said...

I loved the original post. Yes there were some errors but this is not a university paper, it's a blog! It was well thought out, well laid out and as we can see from the angry backlash by MW employees, spot on. I bet this guy/girl ends with a great career. Way to go kid!

Anonymous said...

As a Meltwater competitor, I run into their customers all the time - many of whom volunteer that they were hoodwinked into signing multi-year deals, then threatened with lawsuits when they tried to beg out of it.

Lauren Rivers said...
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Lauren Rivers said...

I was just thinking of applying to the UK management trainee programme, however after reading this post and the comments I have definitely been put off! Never have I researched a company and one of the top hits is 'Don't work for Meltwater News!!' I worked in a call center before uni selling insurance (PPI of all things) to unsuspecting people and I hated it. I felt purely evil selling something that was overpriced and that people didn't really want. This job sounds exactly the same.

On the flipside there are some people who are just born to work in a competitive sales environment, so this seems to be an amazing opportunity for them. I don't think that kind of person would be put off by the blog!! Although.. I do know a new graduate who has got an entry level sales role with a software sales company and is earning 50k..which I think is more worth it - It seems like a kind of danger money for such a stressful job.

Anyway, that's a long way of me saying i'm not going to waste my time applying.. (and thanks for the initial post and comments!)

Anonymous said...

I have been harassed by a Meltwater employee for the past month trying to sell me a package... I am at the stage now where I think she will require I very clear "f**k off and stop calling me" to get rid of her.

She is even trying to sell me Twitter hashtag monitoring. You know... the same thing that you can do for free using that search box on Tweetdeck or Hootsuite

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this post. They are harassing us and our client. We like the newsletter feature but were unsure about the quality of their news monitoring. The conversation over the phone with the rep was very awkward and forceful. I can't stand these people! They are so pushy and their system doesnt even seem worth it for $11K and they wanted that upfront with no cancellation and no guarantees. What kind of business is that?!

Natalie Tijan said...

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