Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Recent developments at Meltwater

Does anyone "on the inside" have any news about what is going on with the postponed kick-off for 2010?

Or about the Meltwater Los Angeles office?


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Anonymous said...

UK Newspapers Disputing Meltwater’s Appeal Against Their Web Charges,

They are saving money to pay for this i guess :


Anonymous said...

They closed the L.A. office a few weeks ago. Most of the people in that office went back to San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

Kickoff is in Brazil!!!!

reynaldo said...

hey anti-meltwater I have a few questions for you from the consumer's perspective; can you contact me at reynaldo.turner at gmail.com?

Anonymous said...

Only 10 State-siders on full quota? Of course LA closed.

Kickoff was announced a few weeks back and is as opposite from Brazil as you can imagine: London. Certainly not Morocco, Spain, Jamaica or Norway although enough alcohol to incubate the scandalous MD-affair-in-progress.

Reynaldo; I would enjoy hearing your inquiries in the forum.

Anonymous said...

LA closed but is reopening with new management.
The company had to spend money elsewhere, AKA: the new incredible acquisition which you can read about in their most recent press release.

They are being smart with money.
Why knock them for that?

And kick off is is London.
Just as cool as Brazil if you ask me.
Just depends on what you like :)

Anonymous said...


Happy Friday :-)

Anonymous said...

i was just going to post the bizjournals clip.

potential clients, employees and partners, you have been warned. now don't be fooled.

Anonymous said...

It is a GOOD article.

What do you mean "You have been warned?"

Anonymous said...

Warned on here, you fuckbrain.

Just cause meltwater pr got bizjoirnals to write a borderline puff piece doesn't mean you are suddenly employed by a real company.

Anonymous said...

"John Doe posted $100,000M in bookings this last year"

Believe it?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see that press release about February closing day at Meltwater? Of the 50 worldwide offices, 200 offices hit quota (including the LA failure) and they exceeded 100M bookings in February alone!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha kick off in London far far away from Jamaïca this year ...

Anonymous said...

February Results:

Success at the Olympics is measured in the number and type of medals earned.
At Meltwater we measure the success of our efforts ultimately in our sales results.
Our sales results serve as the 'grade' we get on our combined efforts with respect culture, people development, sales work etc.

Last month was unfortunately not a great month for North America.
We struggled with a slow start, and we never really gained enough momentum and ended at 73%.

In terms of actual sales this was our poorest result in several years.
Just a few months back our December result was more than twice of what we sold in February.

Anonymous said...

let's see more internal communications!

are you still "fighting like lions?"

Anonymous said...

I read these comments with interest, may be you can help me. Normally big companies have thier financial results on their web site, I cannot find them on their. Can someone point me in the right direction. All I can find is that they have bought a company and clock 100M$ which is OK, but nothing else. I do not want to ask them, since the information may be biased. I doing some research work for a thesis on. European companies which have moved to the USA.

Anonymous said...

Meltwater is privately owned, so you won't be able to find their financial information. They started an employee share ownership plan at the start of 2009. To invest, employees must have been with the company for over a year which meant that maybe 10% of the company had the opportunity to buy in. They left the initial details incredibly vague, so many employees who were eligible opted not to participate.

Any financial information you would have access to would be what Meltwater promotes, such as the "100M in bookings" claim. As you can imagine, this holds no credibility; similar to the exaggerated "93% retention rate", "covering 100,000+ sources", or "we invited you to interview from over X-hundred resumes our job posting received". Don't even get me started on how they sidestep any questions relating to their outrageous turnover rate.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the response. I am very interested in this organization since I also found Meltwater ventures, Mest and Genkey as part of the group. But as you say very little financial information on all of them but also nothing in any depth, i will keep researching. Their Ventures is very interesting as they are going into different businesses and looks very progressive. I will keep an eye on all of this makes interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

dont waste your time researching them.

Anonymous said...

Would all you moaning, depressed, unsocial muppets get a grip. As a father to one of their staff/sales team, all I can report are good things. Yes, they are very VERY picky about who they hire & their interview process is a bit long winded, but for a reason. Not everyone (prob only 5% of the planet) is cut out to work at the level they require in terms of sales skills, stamina, hunger. But all I can report is that my daugheter one has been re loacted from dublin to london to cape town in the last 9 months and is loving it.

And thats why I posted this comment.

Anonymous said...

im happy she has had the opportunity to travel around.

i bet she hasn't seen much of those cities though.

and i also bet she will wake up at some point in the near future and pursue a real job.

Anonymous said...

I have come across this site by mistake (looking icing and melting water ecology). I never laughed so much but also made me extremely angry at the comment" Success at the Olympics is measured in the number and type of medals earned.
At Meltwater we measure the success of our efforts ultimately in our sales results.
Our sales results serve as the 'grade' we get on our combined efforts with respect culture, people development, sales work etc."

How can a sales man or woman compare itself to an Olympian, that is arrogance. As a former athlete who has competed at the highest level I find the comment insulting. The dedication of running a track every day; cold or hot, rain or shine. Making sure everything is done by the book (no alcohol- where it appears that in this company alcohol is consumed in abundance). Olympians epitomize the highest quality of life and sport. Where cold selling is no more no less than sitting in a office making calls all day, regardless of the management, who should be your coaches (I did not read any of this in this blog). Next time you pass a comment like this think twice, and please do not compare yourself to Olympians or Olympic games.

Anonymous said...

oh you should see what else they compare themselves to....

they are also "changing the world"

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. / Ms. Athlete who is "offended" by Meltwater comments regarding Olympic Success


My God, people need to get lives.

Anonymous said...

It is quite obvious you do work for them, and you have not read what I have written "I came across it by mistake....."

Mind you having read the blog, I became curious at the slanging match between employees and ex. I can assure you I would not even consider applying for this organization, I am quite happily employed for a great company in SF Bay area, who treats his workers as human being with proper renumeration, promotion and career prospects, and training, which from this blog does not appear to happen here. If you indeed work for them, I wish you good luck getting new clients, bonus and promotion.

Anonymous said...

I do work for them ... and clearly, you once did too :)

Now get over it and move on with your big clients, bonuses and promotions for God's sake!

Have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

You don't have to have a connection to Meltwater to support the "Don't Work for Meltwater" cause. Athlete, feel free to express your thoughts.

I believe the employee above is violating Meltwater's policy by acknowledging this blog. If you work for Meltwater and have something to say, please continue to have your parents fight your battles like the one 7 posts above.

Anonymous said...

Good for that person's parent!

They are defending their child's future!

A kid right out of school with a job they love, and that may have bad connotation on a resume because of jerks like you guys how have nothing better to do with your time?

Move on, and quit making up "characters" like the Athlete for your blog because you think it helps prove your point.

Everyone can see through that.

Best of luck to you in your attempt to get on with your life.

-happy meltwater employee.

Anonymous said...


Good luck, CR-reps in the UK!

Darth Jorn, brace yourself! The rebellion is a'comin!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the parent of said employee might think of this communication being passed around concerning the upcoming retreat? Doesn't sound very professional to me:

How is everyone doing? It is time to select roommates for
offices/departments while at Kick-Off!

First off, I wanted to address the growing concern that people will be
sharing a bed with a colleague. If the situation does arise where a
bed needs to be shared, then we will ask for volunteers and will
provide a small gift to show our appreciation.

Anonymous said...


Hello MD.

Which one are you?
Obviously the one who likes to share MD emails with AntiMeltwater Bloggers.

That is really messed up and completely unprofessional.

You should get a new job if you are that unhappy that you would sabotage your own organization.

Plus, this is your own resume you are devaluing.

I suggest you think twice before posting confidential upper management emails on this blog.

Anonymous said...

darth jorn! hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

every day starts fresh when i realize that i dont have to slog my ass into a meltwater office any longer.

Anonymous said...

leave it up to the scandinavians: http://www.aolnews.com/weird-news/article/scandinavian-artist-dresses-her-daughter-as-hitler-stalin/19403134

Anonymous said...

Some REAL food for thought.

If you are thinking of working for or working with Meltwater News, I strongly suggest you read this article. :)


Anonymous said...

Athlete, I don't think that the email was comparing Meltwater to Olympians.

Just that it was something that was pretty topical. The Olympics were obviously just finished, and the email stated how Olympians measure their success. The point being that medals are the only measure of success.

At Meltwater, I think that the point being made was that sales results are how success is measured.

I don't think that any arrogance was intended


Anonymous said...

The Norwegians did pretty well at the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

medals are the only measure of success in the olympics? how bout just GETTING to the olympics in the first place?

Anonymous said...

the kickoff is in London this April. The week after Easter or so.

Anonymous said...

As far as i remember the new PR lady they hired (of course they were very very picky with this one too) BANNED every single employee from commenting on this blog a year ago. I wonder what happens when she finds out who is commenting. Or what happens when Jörn or Kevin or someone else does... Oops!


Anonymous said...

I have just seen this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOSiPCOpWxU

Definitely I will not go to the interview. This looks unprofessional even for a telesales I am not wasting my university degree running around on scooters, skateboards etc. Thank you for this blog

Anonymous said...

watch ANY of those videos before going to an interview...

i know meltwater is a joke...but still waiting for the punchline...maybe when they finally close?

Anonymous said...

If you didn't go to the interview based on that video, I can tell you brother, you DEFINITELY would not have been offered the job.
Many of the folks at Meltwater have higher edu degrees, and are incredibly intelligent.

But they like to have fun too.

If you knock them for that, you can rest assured you would not have fit in.
And you will probably have difficulty fitting in anywhere fun is allowed.

Anonymous said...

Allowed or forced?

Anonymous said...

hI would rather work for a company with so called "forced" fun ...
Than sit in a cubicle by myself staring at the wall and a compter screen all day with no one to talk to.

But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

yeah, because ALL other companies are filled with cubicle farms where people drone on filling out tps reports...

meltwater "culture" is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

This is the most ridiculous shit ever. You whiney little americans that can't find a job and get shit canned everywhere you go need to grow up. Your lives are meaningless!!!

Anonymous said...

whiney little americans?

last i checked, we were the biggest, baddest country on earth!

Anonymous said...

This blog has gone from be interesting and somewhat credible to COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS.

I would be embarrassed if I was the owner of this blog.

Anonymous said...

id be embarassed if i still worked for meltwater (i know, i know...too easy...but still)

Anonymous said...

I don't think that everything on this blog is ridiculous. There are obviously a lot of people with first-hand experience at Meltwater. There are people on both sides of the argument that get carried away. But how can we blame the anti-meltwaterians when Jorn compares the sales people to Olympians?!

I heard they are trying to hire a HR person. I wonder if that will take care of anything.

Anonymous said...

Telemarketers working for Meltwater are missing out on a lot - life outside work for example.

Try to report this blog to newspapers. That way it will get more coverage.

As a norwegian, I feel ashamed that we, the Norwegian people, couldn't do better exporting companies outside Scandinavia.

Anonymous said...

you know, i have to say i have this entirely irrational suspicion of scandinavians since working for this circus.

i hate to feel this way.

all scandinavians (and norwegians) can't be as insane and ridiculous as the ones who work for meltwater.

Anonymous said...

they are not "ridiculous and insane"

you are completely over exaggerating, and you know it.
some of them are really wonderful and intelligent people and it's unfortunate that your manager there wasn't the best, but that is not everyone's story.

quit trying to bash the company as a whole, when there are certain offices and divisions that are actually amazing places to to work.

one bad apple does not mean that an entire organization is shit. if that was true, there wouldn't be ANYTHING BUT SHIT out there in general

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's true.

Still. Working in Norway is known to be great. Reasonable hours, good hourly pay, your family is secured/insurance is paid for etc.

Meltwater is NOT your typical norwegian company in this regard. Believe me, they use every trick in the book to make money - it's basically just *not* a great place to work.

Unpaid overtime, hours and hours of "free work", cultural brainwashing, arrogant and supressing managers, monotone and tiring telemarketing work ... the list goes on and on.

I am not saying the people working at Meltwater are crap. Because they really aren't.

I am saying the company has a very, very poor offer in the job market.

Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Side Note,

The company DOES pay overtime now.

Things must have changed since you were here.

A good sign for the company, I think.

Means they are making small changes to move in a better direction.

Anonymous said...

what about Meltwater foundation MEST in GHANA. I have just applied for a teacher fellow job. But I am concerned, the lack of real information is worrying. I almost feel the job is "real" but not real at the same time. All the info is very vague. The job spec the more I read it the more I get confused, "able to deal with ambiguity" what is ambiguous about teaching a syllabus, the incubators: Meltwater Incubator in Accra, London, or San Francisco yet cannot find anything about them.

Anonymous said...

Stay away noble teacher.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the same advert as well. I have not applied because I cannot find anything. Also I have found some info on a graduation, in February 2010, but graduating to what? is it a master? is it something which is recognized around the world? i doubt it. I am going this organization well alone, even their WEB side is out of date and does not say anything about them, just marketing fluff. Just read the profiles of the two MDs, neither has even run a school! Just marketing, this is very inspirational, very motivational. GOOD LUCK anyone of you that gets there and post us on this blog

Anonymous said...

Noooo, I just stumbled upon this blog. I got an interview with meltwater tomorrow in London. The company sounds like a joke. If three people comment below and tell me not to go I’ll cancel!

Anonymous said...

don't go!

Anonymous said...

go and post your thoughts

Anonymous said...

Anybody here anything about the Meltwater in Boston?? I need feedback asap.. bk I am looking into it

Anonymous said...

Meltwater is a complete scam! Having been an employee of some of the world's best investment banks (think Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, etc.) I was about to interview for a job with Meltwater until one day I got a random call from a New York number and the lady on the other line was from Meltwater.

She asked me what I know about the position and I told her the basics. Her response was that's good because most people don't have any idea what we do...

WTF?! How could any damn person not know what the company he/she is applying for does.

The best was the follow-up phone interview with the Client Relations manager. He was extremely vague with his responses, tried to sidestep my questions repeatedly, and failed to give me straight answers.

Meltwater is a joke. As a former employee of some of the world's most respected investment banks, I can confidently say I was apalled by the lack of professionalism by Meltwater employees, their continuous desire to give vague responses, and their scam techniques (interviewing at a fancy hotel, being vague in their responses etc.)

HINT: The interview is held at a hotel because Meltwater's own offices are not equipped to handle interviews. Have you ever interviewed with a truly successful Fortune 100 company who's offices are unsuitable for interviews?? Yeah I thought so..;) Meltwater is a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

you should go back to your fancy bank then, leave other well enough alone. A job is a job, and what you make of it. Hard work pays off everywhere.

The sad sad comments on this blog are pitiful, people are scrambling for jobs and to thrust a positive company into such a negative sphere os disheartening.

Do something worthwhile with your time.

Anonymous said...

you wrote...
He was extremely vague with his responses, tried to sidestep my questions repeatedly, and failed to give me straight answers.

to that interviewers defense...he/she was likely forced into interviewing you over the phone. the person probably had no idea how to perform such a duty. also, the person may have been gung-ho about interviewing for open positions...but ultimately had no idea how to conduct such a task. just regurgitating meltwater bile...

all you need to know is to steer clear of these jokesters...

Anonymous said...

I work in the New York office for Meltwater.

They DO interview people in the office, but only if you make it through the first round.

They are very selective, so if you didn't make it that far, you likely were not qualified for the position.

Sorry to burst your bubble oh "wonderful one" who has worked for soooooooooooooo many amazing companies before.

Anonymous said...

"Having been an employee of some of the world's best investment banks..."

Pretty much says it all, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

What you mean being selective, using a skateboard in the office or running around in a chair. Is this the sort of professionalism required by an international organization? Please do not tell me this is a way to let your hair down etc. I expect my suppliers to be professional not to post on the WEB videos of activities which are better suited in a children school, it gives the company a bad reputation.

Anonymous said...

what about red bull flip cup competitions in the office? is that professional?

Anonymous said...

Funny you say that when one of the largest, most respected companies in the world GOOGLE has exactly the same stuff out there.

They show the world that they work hard and play hard. Just like Meltwater.

You plan on knocking them too ??????

Anonymous said...

NOTHING at meltwater is more amusing than when they compare themselves to google. Chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Meltwater News is a SCAM! The company tricks motivated, fresh college graduates into thinking they have received an awesome job. In reality, these new college graduates are telemarketers who constantly sit on the phone and cold-call all day!

Do yourself a favor and stay away from this joke of a company. Honestly, it is extremely sad if when you type your company's name into Google the first thing that comes up is the fact that the company is a scam.

The Meltwater website is intentionally deceptive so people can't catch onto the fact that their job will suck. The talk about international travel and all these fancy promotions is useless too. When you become a so-called "Managing Director" all you do is continue to cold-call yourself and manage a team of cold-callers.

The turnover is EXTREMELY high. Most people don't last more than 6 months to a year. Why do you think there are constantly new job postings. No, Meltwater is not growing by leaps and bounds. Meltwater's employees are leaving by the minute. Trying to find financial information? Oh yeah, that's right, you CAN'T because Meltwater is privately held so no financial information will be on their website.

I remember someone saying Meltwater will go public one day. Hahahahaha.....Melwater will NEVER go public. The company antics would be a laughing ground for the SEC.

The company's culture is awful. It is very similar to a brainwashed cult where all employees constantly hang out during non-working hours. The hours are really long (think 60+ hours per week) The pay sucks (who in their right mind pays a base salary of just $35K per year?).

The company parties are filled with alcohol and so hook ups are frequent. Rules go out the window!

Don't get caught in the Meltwater trap! Get a job with a REAL company that actually has nice offices, a proper base salary, financial information that can be viewed, and a good culture.

Anonymous said...

Great post that last one. Enough said ...

Hilsninger fra Norge! Jævla idioter!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean great post?
That is just someone spewing out the same garbage on all the other anti-meltwater posts.

And let me just say.
If you thought that 35k was your salary, you were sadly mistaken. That is a safety net for you.

Unlike sales companies that only pay you commission, Meltwater actually gives you a base just in case you have a bad month.

For you to say it is a 35k salary is just ridiculous and ignorant.

And you have obviously never been a Managing Director. That job is not a cold calling job my dear.
But if that is what you thought, maybe it's best you never reached that level. I would fear for the state of your office if that was your idea on the role.

And company culture is subjective.
You may not have liked it. But I do. And a lot of people do. Just because you didn't find yourself enjoying happy hour with the crew, doesn't mean that it is a brainwashed cult.

I pity the people who actually hold such a strong grudge against this company.

My advice for you:

Get on with your life.

Find a job you enjoy so that you find meaning in what you do.

Stop holding grudges against past failures or setbacks.

And focus your energy on something productive.

That way you can get on with it, and you can let the people who DO enjoy their Meltwater careers get on with their lives without having to answer to friends, family and potential new employees about this childish blog.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I have a friend who works for Meltwater, and she loves the company. But when her friends google "Meltwater News" they see this and wonders what's going on.

Just accept that you can't like everything. I hate football, while my husband loves it. He hates Microsoft, I love Microsoft.

One could go on forever about love/hate, but - to quote the previous poster: this is just childish.

Grow up and get on with your lives.

Anonymous said...

You sure are right about experiencing a past failure...that being having wasted time at meltwater.

I agree this blog has taken a polarized tone and that likely isn't productive. Then again, if it serves to save even one person from making a big mistake, then it is all good.

Have fun fighting like lions.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, your experience will depend on who runs the office and your immediate managers.

Why don't you ask about the relative office turnover, how long the Managing Director has been with the company (and from where), personal management styles, etc. before accepting the job?

Anonymous said...

A quick question, is it true that other groups are going to start charging for looking/trawling their web site, not to mention names, but the biggest in Europe.
Aside from that I find it rather sad all thing mud slinging, look at the Meltwater fundaition, surely that is good, although, as one the writer states he cannot find much info and the certificate of graduation are they Master? there is no info or very very little.

Anonymous said...

we need some new content on this informative forum.

anybody working in the big melting glacier at the moment and want to vent?

anyone just leave?

send stories to antimeltwater@live.com

let's all remember to take a second each day to recognize that we no longer work for meltwater news and now have real jobs. ahh...always makes my day a little brighter than it already is....

Anonymous said...

Haha, I quit Meltwater some time ago and I just found this blog.

Great stuff! How could I be so stupid and not find this blog before I took the job as a telemarketer?

Direct marketing - never again

Telemarketing - never again

Cold calling all day - never again

Brainwashing sucky cult cultures - never again

More than misleading pay structure - never again



Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for this site! Had an interview tomorrow with Meltwater but they seemed a little too keen! Saved me a lot of hassle!

Anonymous said...

fighting like lions!!!

*LOL* :)

Anonymous said...

"Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
Stop telephonin' me!
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
I'm busy!
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
Stop telephonin' me!
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
Can call all you want,
But there's no one home,
And you're not gonna reach my telephone!"

Important message from prospects to Meltwater!

Anonymous said...

any news on the postponed 2010 kick off? Was it London? were there any interesting information? The main web site there is no info.

Anonymous said...

Get. A. Life.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh!I can't believe I spend HOURS prepping up my resume,answering their bloody 1001 questionnaire on their website and went through 2 phone interviews and then only...I stumbled upon this!

Why on earth have I not seen this earlier?I should have known it's too good to be true when I saw the posting on my local job site and local newspaper looking for "International Management Trainee".Successful trainees will be offered a two months training programme at their regional office in Hong Kong.

From their website, everything seem impressive.I was completely sold on their "culture and values" and what not.I was so thrilled when they called me to attend a group interview and thought I was onto something great.

That was until I started googling for more info and this happened. I have gone through ALL the comments and postings on this blog to convince me that MW is a sham.This is not just a blog created by some disgruntled ex employees of MW, as someone pointed out.If there are so many ex MW employees around the world that are commenting on their "experiences" with MW,obviously something is not right here. And I noticed NONE of the so called current MW employees ever disputed what was posted here.They were just trying to silent the creator of this blog.Grow up!If MW is what it say it is, why isn't there a proper job description? Why can't they be truthful and tell ppl that it's a bloody cold calling job? Just be honest about it!

MW is targeting Asia now, as they are opening up new offices in Malaysia and recruiting for their Hong Kong and Singapore office.They may continue to open up more offices in new countries to avoid suspicion and penetrate new markets in the name of "growth", but it won't be for long.Sooner or later they will be expose. You can fool man,but you can't fool God.

I thank God for leading me to this blog.I only wished more people know the truth about this company before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

obviously not too late for you. glad you found these words. you will be better for it if you never step foot in a meltwater office as an employee.

Anonymous said...


The funny thing is, Meltwater DOES tell you that you will be cold calling. If you didn't pick that up, you may need to learn to pay better attention.

The job starts out as ENTRY LEVEL SALES. You will prospect for companies you are interested in working with, and call them, COLD ... to try and get their attention.

If you did not figure out that you have to start by cold calling I'm not really sure what you were doing during your interview? Picking your nose?

The point is that EVERYONE in the company starts in Entry Level Sales.

Even the Executive Directors.
Even the Finance Directors.
Even the HR Directors.
Even the Communications Team.

THEN, If you do well in that position, and show that you are a fast learner and good leader, you can go on to do anything you want!

If a few months of Cold Calling in your life is too scary to imagine, YES. You SHOULD NOT TAKE THIS JOB.

BUT ...
If you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty, and you have confidence in your abilities as a social individual who can get people's attention and negotiate business deals to prove yourself to a company looking for managers, THEN you are perfect ;)

Hope that helps all you job seekers!!

All I'm saying is don't let the Sales aspect scare you.
And don't act as if Meltwater doesn't say that you will be selling. ;)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

WRONG. the company claims to be an "organically grown" company ....but its not. The post above claims that EVEN THE DIRECTOR OF FINANCE worked his way up? YA RIGHT! He wouldn't have wasted his time COLD CALLING like all of you meltwater fools. Lets be honest, MELTWATER has no capable people of the corporate level. YOU, being a SALES TRAINEE will COLD CALL up to the MANAGER position, in which you will (you guess it) COLD CALL. Yes, you manage people but it is YOUR JOB to hit a certain sales target every month. EVEN the Managing Director needs to bring in 10k a month for his/her office - and how might he do this? oh yes, COLD CALL. From the Meltwater Corporate site: Director of Finance - came to meltwater in 2008 (Whew, he must have been a great seller to go from sale trainee to director of finance in two years. Yes, totally sarcastic because he NEVER was a sales person!) The Director of Technology - was previously CTO of Orkash, NOT SELLING MELTWATER or part of the MANAGEMENT TRAINEE program and you guessed it DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS (only brought in because MELTWATER NEEDED a PR plan BAD!!): was Vice President of Corporate Communications at Accuray (NOT said to have been "PROUDLY PROMOTED THROUGH OUR MELTWATER MANAGEMENT TRAINEE SYSTEM"). HAHAHA, this company is joke. NO, you can't do anything you want because they are deceitful.

All I'm saying is, let the sales aspect scare you because that is ALL you will be doing. And if sales is truly your thing, you should work for a great company with a proven track record (not one that lies about being "grown from within", seeing as their corporate management team has 0 people that went through the management trainee program....and no, I'm not counting directors of regional areas because that is just being a glorified MD) and turn over rate of LESS than 89%. Good Luck.

As always, happy prospecting :)

Anonymous said...


I did not say the "Director of Communications" or the "Director of Finance" ...

I said the directors that work in those branches.
All of the directors in the financial department, HR department and Comm department used to be Managing Directors or Sales Managers who wanted to move into a new realm of business aside from sales.

Yes the company has brought in a few outside experts for departments that needed it, such as PR when we launched an over the radar PR initiative ... but that is not what I'm talking about.

ALL Managing Directors and Executive Directors of the major Meltwater Petals DID come from the International Management Trainee Program.

This is no lie.

And while we did bring in a few specialists to help us in different ways, that does not mean that we are not organically grown. These people serve a different purpose and are there to help the business flourish in new directions.

So take your sorry attempts to refute everything we say, and move them elsewhere.

Thank you,
Incredibly Annoyed Meltwater Employee

Anonymous said...

I just took the bother of looking at some of the adverts, they do not talk about cold calling they do talk about selling. See below the Dubai advert

With a strong emphasis on sales, you will experience personal and professional growth at a fast pace. If you are the right person, with the right attitude, you will be given the opportunity to flourish within our African, European, Asian or US Management Program. Does London, San Francisco or Sydney sound appealing? Well pay attention; this is what we are looking for…

The Industry:

- Fast paced world of online media monitoring

The Job:

- Business to Business sales

- Strategic thinking on individual client needs

- Negotiating long term contracts with directors & executives

- Developing your own customer portfolio

We Are Offering:

- Fun, cosmopolitan & diverse work culture

- Accelerated promotion program

- International career opportunities

Hmmmm, I think is a little......different from that is written above, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

To Incredibly Annoyed Meltwater Employee,

"So take your sorry attempts to refute everything we say, and move them elsewhere. "

And what is a Meltwater employee doing in an anti Meltwater blogsite?Perhaps YOU should take your sorry attempts at justifying Meltwater elsewhere instead.Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

No, sorry.
Not going to .... You know why?

Because I ALMOST didn't take the job because of the things said on this blog.

I ALMOST missed out on this opportunity because of sore ex-employees with nothing better to do with their time but "warn" people against Meltwater.

I'm just extremely happy that I followed my gut instinct and took the job despite your rants.

I've made some of the best friends of my life here, and I'm actually very happy.

Yes, the sales part is hard, and yes we work for our results...But that is the rewarding part!!!!!!!

It's NOT a cult.

It's NOT full of slave drivers who make you cold call all day.

It's NOT a group of people who expect you to drink with them, or else you don't get promoted.

It's NOT a company who doesn't care about the people they hire ...

And it's NOT a joke.


So there you have it.
That is why I will continue to stand up for the company on this blog.

And I strongly urge all who are considering Meltwater to do so with an open mind ... regardless of what these people post.

You should meet them in person...
Ask all the questions that are causing you doubt...
And get to know them for yourself.

I'm incredibly happy I did.

Anonymous said...

The ad in Asia reads like this:


International Management Trainee Programme

What you can expect at Meltwater
Our News division is the global leader in the field of electronic media monitoring, delivering a cutting edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to more than 16,000 thousand corporate clients in more than 20 countries worldwide.

The Meltwater international management trainee program has a track record of success developing managers across five continents and within a multitude of cultures. All Meltwater managers have been developed through this program as have the majority of its executives. The training program is both intense and rewarding. It not only focuses on teamwork and culture, but also, and most importantly, has a strong emphasis on sales.

In the first three to nine months trainees learn how to present and sell Meltwater’s online media monitoring services to executives across all industries. This initial phase is designed to prepare you for a career in management, and successful completion is required before a trainee can be considered for a management position. After having delivered successful results, a trainee will be given the opportunity to assume responsibility for a team of their own as a Sales Manager. Once this position has been mastered, Meltwater will offer its top managers the opportunity to run a business unit as a Managing Director. This opportunity can take place anywhere in the world, giving the Director the chance to move internationally depending on their experience and preference.

The Meltwater International Management Trainee Program offers an extremely ambitious career path with plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth in a young and international environment.

Which part of this mentioned COLD CALLING, I wonder?

If all a person does is to stay indoors and COLD CALL all day long, it's called telemarketing NOT International Management Trainee!Pls get the job designations right!

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the people who work at meltwater, commenting on his blog, are in great denial. Denial is one of the most basic psychological defense mechanisms humans have. Don't be afraid to open up your eyes and pursuit a fulfilling career. I have had only one interview with the company, in which I was 'successful' (I don't take that as a compliment, but I turned down the next interview because, I recognized the boiler room rethorics, unprofessionalism, and lack of intellectual challenge that is described in this blog. I thank the creator of this blog for helping to recognize rubbish company. Some journalist should write an article about this..

Anonymous said...

Found a reply from a Meltwater employee in another website on criticisms of the company and its products.

We have been working hard at Meltwater Buzz to help clients manage the overwhelming nature of social media so that it can effectively be leveraged for critical business purposes. Social media as a space is exploding. People recognize that their social media approach needs to be different from their mainstream media approach and our service helps with that.

We are happy to offer access to the service for interested parties to view what we do, test out the service and determine whether it would suit the needs that you have as an organization. We are also happy to present some ideas and discuss the value that we feel we bring to the table as consultants on the product.

The feedback that we have been getting regarding cost is that we are competitive with the majority of the other social media monitoring providers out there. This is something that we take great pride in, considering that we are new to the market and we do not need to charge huge fees for the service.

As a new product division of the Meltwater Group, myself and two colleagues have worked incredibly hard to get this new Meltwater service off the ground. We are very proud of what we have achieved in the last four and a half months and have since grown into a much larger team with offices in the US, UK, Sweden, Germany and APAC.

With regard to Techrigy, we do indeed partner with them. They have a fantastic platform, and we apply our 8+ years of experience in the media monitoring arena to present ideas to clients whom need help with social media strategy.

As a cash-flow positive company with over 19,000 clients worldwide, Meltwater Group is always looking for new, disruptive technologies to invest in, with the goal of providing services for our clients that add value and give our clients ROI.

In regards to negative press, there are currently no actual negative news articles about Meltwater. On the contrary, there are positive news articles about our non-profit work as well as our university initiatives with scholarships and innovation prizes. However, Meltwater does have ex-employees and several anonymous bloggers who are uphappy with the company. Meltwater is currently working to contact as many of these unhappy clients and past employees as possible to understand the underlying issues. As a fast growing start-up, we are transitioning into a new phase and are putting the systems and procedures in place to become an even better employer and service provider.

To anyone with questions or interest in providing further feedback: We would love to set up a time to talk with you about how you feel about Meltwater, to address all the issues that you may have. We try our best to provide the highest quality of service, and we're sorry if we weren't able to provide this to you.

Please reach out to nicole.amsler@meltwater.com so that we can set up a time to chat about these issues and how Meltwater can resolve them.

Sam Telfer
Meltwater Buzz

Anonymous said...

maybe the entire "culture" of meltwater has changed. maybe things are different now. maybe it isnt as fucked as it used to be. maybe. well, or maybe and probably not.

john said...

Thats a very interesting and open approach there, previous poster. Too bad, but it has not changed for shit. I'm talking out of very recent experience - they certainly are still monkeys (and probably always will be). Accepting this nonsense-job was the worst decision of my life. And so now that I have the opportunity to WARN new prospective victims, I am not going to be quiet.

Hence, the advice - "Carry on with your life and don't hold grudges" means fuck all, when this note might actually save somebody from wasting their uni-degree on BS-cold calling at Meltwater..


- Yes, you are still expected to work during your lunch break

- Yes, the managers still make rude comments when you decide to leave work at 6 p.m which you are supposed to

- Yes, they still try to deceive customers and their own employees in any possible way. A colleague had to rectify the resignation papers (to ensure he'd receive his last salary) 5 times before they realized he would not fall for their lousy tricks. Embarrassing? I think so

- Yes, they still expect you to work during the weekends, unless you are attending one of their mandatory gatherings (piss-ups) of course

- Yes, (as in my case) if you are granted a day off for personal reasons - do expect sly reminders (throughout the day) that the day is actually 24 hrs and whatever you are doing there must be time for at least so many "consultative calls"

To avoid BS like - "But dude, just because it was like this in your office......" etc I'd like to say - Yes in my office of course.

I opened the doors to hell, and figured; why discover more when my feet are already on fire.

Face it Meltwater people and prospects, your cult(ure) is reinforced, controlled and permeated by top management. Seeing as the stories are so similar regardless of city, office or country I'd round off by saying - The CEO and founder, Jorn Lyseggen is not a very nice person.

Lastly, the fact remains, 100 people walk in, 90 people walk out (rough estimate, but we all know it's very close to the truth).

Happy days

Anonymous said...

I could not have said it better myself.

Jorn the ugly wolf.

Anonymous said...

and I bet they always want to know about your weaknesses not your strengths. Because if they know your weaknesses they have the upper hand when they give you feedback.
Management by bullying, and if you go against the grain, they do not like it, and you must attend all their gatherings (as put above p.u.)The Boys Scouts have more freedom of thoughts.
You have to obey thy masters even if they are ....... keep well away, I was lucky enough to pull out before it was too late.

Anonymous said...

Thank god for this forum.

Jørn Lyseggen = Mister Burns

Anonymous said...

I was interviewed for the Austin office. I thought everyone was really nice and cordial. I think they have learned how to better represent themselves now then when you who started this blog worked there. I will say, however, that the interview at the hotel seemed weird. Also, at the end of the meeting they went down the table and asked each of us what we thought about the presentation. I thought it was a bit self-congratulatory and kind of gay, and plus it was one guy (Ryan) who controlled the whole thing, so I don't know what the whole "how well WE did" shit came in. I wanted to laugh at alot of it. I think they cause their own bad rep by being so sketchy, you know, like a pimp wearing fur and gold who doesn't have a dime to their name. Just be upfront, tell us its a hard fucking job but the pay is good, and hey, being a recent college graduate, you can do alot fucking worse. Keep it real. I would have been more impressed then sitting there through three hours of "this is my company blah blah blah." i mean, guess what, I don't really give a rat's ass about your company until you tell me I got a job, then it's on like donkey kong. I just kept thinking, if I don't get the second round interview, I am going to be fucking pissed, not because I really wanted to work there, but because I wasted three hours of my fucking life. Anyway I don't mean to be all hatin'--I mean, they were nice, and it's not their fault their company is bunk.

Anonymous said...

I have just been for an interview and they mentioned something about ringing a bell. Could someone please explain? For whom does this bell toll?

Anonymous said...

You ring a bell when you make a sale. Then you get hugged (congratulated) by everyone in the office.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure who decided it was a good idea to ring a bell when a sale is made at Metlwater but it's a lousy one - plus when you are sharing rented office space with other companies (most meltwater offices do) its extremely annoying and embarrasing to leave the office as if its a youth club.
I trust with the global downturn though that bell will be ringing less and less.

Anonymous said...

Or when you are on the phone and you've managed to convince someone that meltwater is a real company with a solid product...just to have a bell go off and people scream and ruin it all. That's fun.

Anonymous said...

working for this company was the worst decision of my life!

Anonymous said...

what's new i wonder?with all these hate comments pouring in,i wonder when would the day come when Meltwater News closed its doors for good?isn't there anything that can be done about it?

Anonymous said...

"Or when you are on the phone and you've managed to convince someone that meltwater is a real company with a solid product...just to have a bell go off and people scream and ruin it all. That's fun."

Hehehe, I am laughing my ass off. Atleast any other job seems like heavin in comparison, and I we had some good times drinking on the weekends :D

"working for this company was the worst decision of my life!"

I don't agree. You learn from everything you do. Learn the sales part, THEN quit and find a giving job. Atleast Meltwater is better than nothing.

"what's new i wonder?with all these hate comments pouring in,i wonder when would the day come when Meltwater News closed its doors for good?isn't there anything that can be done about it?"

Although a job is crap, that doesn't by far mean that it will stick around for years to come. Aslong as people cling to crappy jobs as hard as they do, and with todays financial times - crappy jobs will ALWAYS excist. Founders and rich people always have the upper hand on workers.

Working in the real world said...

I found this blog while having worked at Meltwater Drive for a month and wish I had found it prior to applying and joining the company. There are pros and cons to every story and everyone has their own opinion. The comments about Meltwater stated in positive and negative ways are true, obviously depending on what office you work at. But overall the same "Meltwater culture" seems to reign throughout the company.

As many others, I was hired as a recent University graduate, thinking that I was going to be a part of an International Management trainee program. Little did I know that the next 4 months of employment I would be cold-calling for 90% of the time and feeling pressured to sell, sell, sell. Yes, selling is something that you need to like to do, but there are also different ways to approach it and the Meltwaterian way is very forceful. The people working at Meltwater who have been "brainwashed" into the culture, are completely blinded by the fact that all they care about is selling and getting money. Therefore, no attention is paid to the way an office is run, its employees nor its clients (this also depends upon the office worked at).

One can pretty much see that not everything was right at the office I worked at, as people from different petals (News, Drive, Talent, Buzz)were not satisfied. In a 6 month period we had 12 people leave (or as Meltwater likes to say, "were asked to leave"), which was around 50% of the office. Obviously new recruitments began straight away.

The moment I figured out what was going on with the company, and how it lacks the foundations of a real company, such as an HR department and other supporting functions, I started looking for a new job. I hope that people applying for jobs at Meltwater will look at this blog and use it as a warning but also can make up their own mind about the company. Because things may not be the same way in all offices, but from what I experienced at the one I worked at, I can say that I will never work for Meltwater again.

I now know what a real company is, as I am working in a position where I can actually do a job that a University graduate should do. Where people are treated as adults and given respect. I think respect is something that Meltwater lacked; you had strict work hours, were punished for being late, had to explain in detail why you might need to go to the doctor, or were sick, the amount of calls you made per day were monitored, and so on. I am glad to be working with adults now and done with the constant monitoring and pressuring.

No more do I have to hear, GOGOGO! SELL!SELL! Ring the bell and get paid!

Welcome to the real world.

Anonymous said...

I love how they say "Google is a competitor". Hahahaha. I wonder if that gives them any indication of how insignificant they are. Do they really think Google is saying "we really need to be worried about Meltwater News, what with their two hundred thousand some odd global sources".

As for the bell-ringing, that should also give them an indication of how pathetic their sales are. If I had to ring a bell, every time a deal was finalised at my current company, we'd be ringing a bell all day. Just another sign of how they try to gloss over their mediocrity.

The truth is that hardly ANY of them have work experience other than working at Meltwater and if they did, they wouldn't be sneaking onto this website to post "ilovemeltwateritsthebestthingthateverhappenedtomeallyoupeopleneedtogetalife" comments. They would KNOW that they are in a joke of a job because real jobs don't need you to ring a bell, except maybe if you're at the entrance of a client's office. They would KNOW that people in real jobs are too exhausted to go out drinking after work. They would KNOW that it's just weird to shout out the word "YEAH" in the middle of the day. They would KNOW that normal companies encourage you to have a balance in your life and that going home at 10 at night is seen as obsessive and that the rest of the office will probably think you're having an affair...uh-oh, that opens up another can of worms entirely....!
To anyone thinking of joining, please realise that this is not a potential career. If you really really want to join, then enjoy the cash, the trips, the free food and drink, and get the hell out of there.
To anyone already employed there but who is thinking of leaving, please give all your leads and trials to your buddies and tell them to put in comments like "Yes, I'm so glad company A is mine" before the managers steal all your companies.
FYI, they do this so that they can steal your almost-closed deals and tell THEIR managers "I'M making sales, I don't know what's wrong with the rest of them".

Anonymous said...

on the back of that last comment... "comparing themselves to google". Meltwater always like to remind it's employees that the company has been going for "only 9 years so we are allowed to make mistakes" (oh yes i have heard this many many times) I would hate to break it too them (as they would most probably fire me for being negative) but Google has only been going 3-4 years longer than meltwater... Consider meltwater anything other than entrepreneurial!

Anonymous said...

any word from the inside?

i'd ask friends who still work there, but they are all no longer on the sinking iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Finished my second day of work at my new job. And boy - do I *NOT* miss the old days at Meltwater.

Meltwater News - never again.


Jørn Lyseggen: F.U.C.K Y.O.U from Norwegians - make Norway proud by excellent companies, not brainwashing cults like Meltwater.

'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I am a Meltwater client furious about the auto-renew option! It is sad to me that a company isn't confident in the quality of its product for repeat business... so instead auto renew forces customers to sign on again, unless you notify them 60 days ahead of time! Former employees have any companies gotten out of this auto renew? It appears I may have missed deadline to terminate. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Furious Customer!

You are not the only one who hates this auto-renew options. Meltwater will say that it makes everything easier for the clients so they don't have to think about it, but I found that most people like being able to reduce the features they originally signed up for. Most companies don't even think about it 60 days in advance. Clients would come to be about 30 days before the end of their contract to say they want something different. Especially during the recession, when people were reducing costs, this service was a "nice to have" and not a "need to have". I think it is shady because more like "haha i tricked you" instead of "we are trying to make your life easier".

I have seen people get out of it before, but it is rare. Meltwater will hold their ground and threaten lawyers if you refuse to pay. The few people that did get out of it made a really big fuss and had their own lawyers to threaten with. I have never heard of Meltwater actually taking anyone to court over it because they will either give the person a big discount until they calm down or just let them out of the contract. I am not sure if things have changed since I was there though.

Definitely, if you can't get out of it this time, demand that they take the aut-renew out of the next contract. Or you can say now that you don't plan to renew and they have to honor that a year down the road. Keep those emails stored so you can bring them back a year from now when Meltwater claims to never have gotten them.

I hope this helps! Maybe a few other ex-employees who see this can help you out with more specifics.

Anonymous said...

Tell them you want out. If they balk, threaten legal action and hang up. I've seen many companies break the bond that way.

Or just don't pay!

Anonymous said...

1. Ask for a copy of the contract. Prior to the spring of 2009, there was no internal process in place to ensure valid contracts were on file. You may have joined too late to take advantage of their lack of organization, but if you a contract exceeding 12 months, you might have a chance.

2. The contract MUST state "I/company agree to the terms and conditions below". If it simply states "I agree", you are not bound by the Terms & Conditions.

3. Make sure the contract has the Terms & Conditions. Some exist with merely an agreement and the package details.

4. If possible, confirm their contract matches yours, start/end dates align with actual services, etc.

5. Refuse to pay. As mentioned in the above post, meltwater may hound you or try to negotiate a deal. Even their Accounts Receivable employees are paid on commission based on what they collect, so they will threaten to take you to court as a scare tactic to get paid. A $5k contract is not worth them taking to court.

6. If you desperately need to get them off your back, tell them your business is in the midst of an M&A. It's confidential so you don't have documentation, but budgets are locked as a result. It may be a stretch of your ethics but sometimes you need to fight fire with fire.

**Does not apply to this case** The best way to avoid the auto-renewal is to cancel the day after your subscription starts. Don't even try to have it removed from the contract, just send an email the day after you join, renew, or are strong-armed into renewing and state "company does not intend to renew with meltwater beyond DATE of this contract". You would be best advised to reply to your email chain that contains the contract.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha...red bull flip cup was one of my favorite things about this job!

Ok, here's my take...

Meltwater definitely elicits provocation, which helps and hurts them. I think they get a lot of reaction, especially from American companies, because their business model of 'hehehe I logged you in, oh you think this is kinda cool?, can we close the deal?' approach is just not palatable to most American business people.

Regarding the "cult"ure (I'm borrowing that from a former post because it's considerably accurate), the high school politics are ridiculous and unprofessional. This is largely due to the fact that most of the company employees, including its lower (and some upper) management are in their 20s. I like to drink and most of these people drank me under the table at company functions. Party until 4 a.m. or I question your cool factor, but we're having a 7 a.m. meeting and you'd better not be a minute late! Over the top. Also, the hypocrisy of the "no company hook-ups" policy is amazing. Put lots of young people around each other for lots of time and lots of alcohol and you do the projections. The behavior of many in management in regards to this was all but spelled-out...I can do it, but you'd better not. But really, looking back, did I expect truly professional conduct from these extremely young "managers"?? I suppose I did, which was my fault.

Basically, most of the people are nice, and relatively cool. But unless you like kool-aid a lot, you are not going to like working for this company. Free thinkers need not apply. Not that I have anything against them, I just think that prospective employees should know that if you air on the side of honest business practices, you probably won't be extremely successful with them.

Consider that it would be like calling hundreds of companies and organizations all day long trying to get them to buy a facebook account with a different color scheme. An honest worker will get frustrated, even if you are smart and willing, unless you kind of like being a scheister.

Because, really, Meltwater News is quite comparable (at best 10% better) to Google News, if you create really decent and tailored agents and really LEARN the software, which many clients are not motivated to do. And how often does your rep call you AFTER they've made the sale to teach you in and out what it can do? Likely not often because they have unrealistic expectations awaiting them from their next quota- and who can blame the person just wanting to get their job done for that?.

The value of the news aggregation software is not enough to warrant the price, in my OPINION- unless- you like their other tools like the newsfeed or stats options for purposes of ease of distribution of news. In this case, wait until the end of the month and negotiate hard. They want your business and they will negotiate to meet their quota. It is quite reasonable to expect a possible 30-60% discount at that time, which creates a win-win for both parties if you find a use for the software. But demand a solid tutorial and opt out of the auto-renew clause, as that is just tasteless business practice to not disclose.

I wish the best for the company, honestly. I hope they eventually take the abundant criticism to modify their tactical approach, both with employees and clients alike. I do think that the Norwegian "in-your-face" go go go call call call annoy annoy annoy will eventually flop in the U.S.- at least, if the approach is not modified.

Just my thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Meltwater is a new kind of global Software as a Service (SaaS) company. We develop disruptive, no-nonsense software designed to meet the specific needs of businesses around the world.

...their words

disruptive to the lives of employees and many customers

...my words.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Auto Renewal policy:

It is a shame they do this. I was an insider for a long time and have seen the ins and outs here. I even took out this clause out of my agreements because I knew it was wrong. Most people know it's wrong, but they just want the easy auto-renew money.

Basically, demand a copy of the agreement. Make a fuss. Don't believe the lawyer bullshit they will tell you. Most of the time it's just another sales/controller that switches their title in the email signature. Don't pay! Any time you receive an email from them say the same thing: "I have canceled my contract, do not wish to renew, do not wish to do business with you anymore, and am not using your service any longer". Make sure you aren't using it and delete your email in your account.

After all this (and just keep ignoring everything) you'll be written off. Believe me, your one of many many many companies they have pulled this fast one on. You won't be the last. And seriously, don't worry. You won't have to pay this bill.

The email contract thing is so dicey. They just PDF your response and call it "e-signed". They'll even bring up the electronic signature act. Basically anyone can "falsify" or recreate this PDF (and I saw some people do this at MW). Claim that is what happened and ask for proof of the email. The PDF should not be proof as you can doctor that. You want the actual email chain in their email records. IT won't be able to find this. Case closed.

I wouldn't even go to that extent. Don't respond to them and forget about it.

Anonymous said...

RE: Sam Telfer and his comments above...

He most likely didn't write that response as he's not that intelligent.

He's an asshole that will screw anyone for his own gain.

He's been booted out of numerous offices due to his poor management skills.

He lies to clients, management, staff, and anyone else to get ahead.

He is just a wanker plain and simple. He does well at MW because he has no real world friends. They people at MW are forced to be his friends so he's happy.

Anonymous said...

Urgh, the jealousy spewed out from the majority of you lot on here is so embarrassing. Fine, you didn't get the meltwater culture and lifestyle, MOVE ON! If you genuinely didn't care about leaving (or being asked to leave more likely) you wouldn't be wasting your time on here whinging. Mpst people fresh out of college try a few different jobs before settling, why can't you just put your Meltwater experience down to learning? Clearly because you feel hurt and upset that you weren't able to succeed and are now trying to vent your anger at the company, when a look in the mirror would reveal the real culprit. Just chill out. The comments by all you haters on here are plain embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

oh and by the way. Sam Telfer is awesome. You douche bag.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I think everything on here is pretty much true.
Management is poor, you have to lead source yourself in your own time and 98% of companies you could think of or even find that get press are already taken by someone.
You have to be in from 9-6 take lunch at a specific time and its not so subtley suggested that you should be in early and leave late.
The sales pitch is weak and flawed and you are pressure to consistently phone people again and again.
The pay is poor and in the uk not even ten % of people typically hit their target which in turn means Meltwater do not have to pay you any commission - it is totally mis sold at the interview stage.
And staff in the UK offices, really are not good looking in the slightest!!
This job would suit somebody with no sense of humour, is happy to follow the crowd, work in their own time everyday, enjoys a dull working environment and is content earning £18k a year and looking at Ashley Botten's smarmy/incredibly repulsive face.

Anonymous said...

i made quite a bit of money at meltwater. i left on my own accord partly out of the guilt that came with fucking over so many customers but mostly because the entire thing just made no sense.

what a massive mistake.

yes, many people have several jobs in their 20s...but why not try to help people avoid a particularly bad one like this?

i am very surprised meltwater is still alive. really baffles this mind of mine.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like they went to Summer Party in London. Guess the offices did better with reaching quota? Or do you think it was all for show? I thought they were going to close another office...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

$100m company according to press release

$42k/yr base salary for failing every month. If you're good, you make more. How many of your friends make that straight out of college?

Hard work, good money, great personal development, great place to start a career straight out of college or hone your skills if you're under 30.

All the complaints here about poor employment practices are from people that never should have applied for a sales position in the first place - people who have no potential to become an executive. This is the most awesome place I could imagine working for under age 26.

Anonymous said...

oh you are going to become an executive?

Anonymous said...

"$42k/yr base salary for failing every month"

Wow at least you are honest that apparently you suck at your job. That is definitely what companies want to hear when you move on from Meltwater

"Well my old job paid me well and took me out partying, but I rarely hit my quota. You should still hire me as an executive though..."

Anonymous said...

meltwater will sink eventually. it is just a matter of when...not if.

such a scandalous sham.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, Meltwater is a friggin awesome place to work! Cool management who know how to party, good money when you know what you're doin, and totally hot chicks! What's not to love?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the chicks ARE Hot. Can't lie about that.

Anonymous said...

those folks you work for are doing a disservice to the scandinavian brand.

Anonymous said...

the only other place you can possibly work and have 3+ promotions by age 26 is at an investment bank, if you can survive one.

so people at meltwater are young, and the best stick around for quite some time. i doubt a single manager has posted any negative commentary on this blog.

Anonymous said...

do not fool yourself

Anonymous said...

I have an interview with them coming up and this makes interesting reading.

Do the hot chicks there put out? because I could definitely deal with some tough ass sales if I'm getting some sweet ass poontang whilst I'm at work if you know what i'm saying ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've just been to the Meltwater's latest "International Management Trainee" group interview process. Wow. They spent 2 hours talking at us (brainwashing) on how awesome the company was, career progression, what a FANTASTIC opportunity it was...blah blah blah. Then maybe 10 minutes per candidate was spent with them making presentations. Then we all got walked out individually...except we were smart and a group of us went out for lunch after the FOUR hour long "interview", and one by one we got called - now I understand why some people got called back and others didn't. It's literally based on who's stupid enough to do as they're told and not fight back. One of us even got asked if they were out having lunch with other candidates! As if it was a bad thing! Thankfully I didn't get a callback, and I am soo thankful. Sounds like I dodged one hell of a bullet...just wish I'd stayed home instead!

Anonymous said...

Cult, brainwash, homework (lots), tedious, on the phone 9 hours a day, poor management, complicated and deceptive pay structure, if you are late get ready for a bllocking, less than 10% of people hit their targets so 90% only earn basic salary.
I could go on.

Anonymous said...

I was offered a job at Meltwater more than a year ago. I stayed for two days until I realized it was nothing but a scam/hustler business.
Luckily I was offered another/better job. The cult like atmosphere was actually somewhat frightening, and severeal people ( I remember a group of young finnish trainees) had that fanatical glow in their eyes reminding me somewhat of door knockers from the Jehova ´s witnesses.

The job is cold calling, and from what I know 7 out of ten recruits (that I started with decided to quit within 6 months.


Anonymous said...

yeah, they are kind of like jehovah's door knockers.

it is a scary cult, really. they truly believe in the company...even though all the writing on the wall points to a sham.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone provide experience on breaking a Meltwater contract?
I have a friend who let them know approx 45 days before the contract was due to expire that they didn't want to renew. I think the clause is 2 or 3mths notice. They are of course playing hardball to stop her getting out of the 12 month renewal. Any hints as to what possible line to take or best way to cancel the service with them? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Fighting like lions! Always be closing!

Hehe. Those were the days.

Good luck to you still working there. You will need it!

Anonymous said...

"Can anyone provide experience on breaking a Meltwater contract?"

Meltwater will not take you to small claims court for a contract worth only a few thousand $ or £. It's too time consuming and costly for them. Play hardball back and tell them to progress things to SCC if they wish. I'd be very suprised if they did so as it never happened in my time there.

Anonymous said...

When I read this blog I should have taken it seriously, unfortunately I did not. Forget what you are taught at business school or you degree in business, there is nothing like it.
There is no need for a degree here as long as you can read and write and waffle on the phone this is all you need. Management! waste of time clueless about business as long as they can ring the bell give you negative feedback, because they do not know how to give positive feedback if you give them negative feedback your are not part of the team. Well all good dreams will come to and end, this was.......

Anonymous said...

No wonder it didn't work out for you.
The idea is "CONSTRUCTIVE" feedback.

If you were giving "NEGATIVE" feedback to others then you obviously missed the point.

And your managers give feedback to help you improve........ thus, the idea of "constructive criticism"

Best of luck to you in the future.
Hope you learned something from that.

Anonymous said...

meltwater is only a joke. nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Learned something, well yes; there is nothing a Meltwater manager can teach me. What I have learned is that I should not have joined them. What i learned is that what I was taught at uni and business school does not apply at Meltwater. That the line Managers live in a fantasy world. That all this negative feedback is to ensure they have power over you. But I am glad I am out. One word of advice, the Managers should really look at the outside world, it is beautiful out there open your minds you might learn something.

Anonymous said...

A big "DANKESCHÖN" from Austria!! This blog just saved me from a lot of stress. I just wanted to apply for an Management Traineeship in Vienna, but something smelled a little bit fishy: The interview is taking place in Munich (15+16 July). Distance between Vienna-Munich = 450 km/280 miles! I thought they maybe have a big head office there, but it seems they don't have the money to rent a fancy hotel in Vienna, to impress young inexperienced graduates, LOL.

Fun, Winners and Respect...omg, after reading the blog entries, this sounds just pathetic.

"Meltwater, schöne Grüsse aus Wien, anscheinend seid ihr wirklich nur Schmelzwasser von einer großen Sales-Pyramide :)"

Anonymous said...

I just received a phone call from Meltwater News asking to set up and interview for their new Charlotte office....so I have a question for anyone who knows: Does anyone have any idea where their Charlotte office is? The interview is, like you all said, going to be conducted at a hotel. But I find it odd that I can't even find an address for their Charlotte office on their website. Every other office is listed, so I'm wondering where in the hell they plan on setting up shop.

Anonymous said...

That office is being set up as we speak. You would be one of the first to join that team if you were to be hired. :)

Fyawnym said...

I wonder what this Managing Director thing is all about. How can you possibly go from a cold calling sales consultant to a managing director in three years? On top of that every one horse town in Europe seems to have a Meltwater Managing Director. Isn't Joern Lyseggen the Managing Director? Do they get paid as well as him? In other places there are 3000 employees in one company and there is only one (1) Managing director.

Anonymous said...

Do a search on Linkedin for meltwater managing director
There are 100s of them, the thing is I bet that it's jorens way of blowing sunshine up the arse of dumb graduates straight for Colledge, would a 22 year old who went from
Sales agent to managing director in 3 years , at the age of 25 get another managing director roll outside of setting up there own business ?

Anonymous said...

Do a search on Linkedin for meltwater managing director
There are 100s of them, the thing is I bet that it's jorens way of blowing sunshine up the arse of dumb graduates straight for Colledge, would a 22 year old who went from
Sales agent to managing director in 3 years , at the age of 25 get another managing director roll outside of setting up there own business ?

Anonymous said...

im still happy every single day in light of the fact that i dont work for that damn company anymore. this may last the rest of my life. thanks meltwaqter!

Anonymous said...

I applied late Thursday night and got a call Friday around noon. The guy was really impressed at my resume (I'm hot shit what can I say lol) and after talking for a bit on the phone he invited me for the group interview session.

He was really nice, and actually said a few times that I should understand that it is an "inside-sales" position. He asked me if I had any questions for him, and to be honest I asked really dumb questions.

Only after reading this blog do I regret not asking the tougher questions. Anyway, the interview is Monday (later today), but I just sent an email to him saying that I turned down the offer. I said it in a nice way though.

Look, to Meltwater employees, and everyone else reading this, the simple fact that there are so many posts and such effort put into this blog and a few other websites regarding the terrible working conditions of Meltwater (and their actual product) is more than enough suspicion to raise reasonable doubt.

I stopped studying for my LSATS in october for a few days because of this stupid company, and now I'm behind. Thank GOD I researched some more and didn't waste more time. This just gives me more drive to study harder.

Again, the mere fact that this criticism exists, is reason enough to just not bother with the company. I may have missed an opportunity, but patience has paid off for me before.

From the Great White North, I bid you fellow internet travelers farewell.


Anonymous said...

This is from a interviewee's point of view (only got called to group one). One of the fellow candidates mentioned this blog but I didn't read it until after. You may say hindsight is 20/20 but these are things that I found quite fishy during the interview already.

I really find it difficult to trust an entire team of "managers" who are my age or younger...The fast promotion path is worrying, not exciting. I mean, who's the adult around here when you're all 22-24...

Their team is so small, they had people come in from the other side of the coast and the area director to basically "fill the spots", which was pretty strange to me.

I asked one of them during the break how they are dealing with the NLA banning Meltwater from crawling their sites and she had absolutely no idea what I was talking about...way to know your company...

Then I asked another if the company encourages them to take business courses or say, a part-time MBA to supplement their business knowledge and he was all "nope, don't need that".

That made no sense to me, for a company so big about young entrepreneurs why would you not invest in your employees' business foundation, especially if one is going to be a manager, area director, opening offices and such?

Just hope to point out to potential candidates, not to boast but I do get a feeling that they are only going after those who are naive and desperate enough...I had lunch with my group of candidates afterwards and they were all really nice people, I hope none of them falls for this! There are much better jobs for fresh grads then what they describe here.

Anonymous said...

ha! yeah.

im sure they are pretending the NLA stuff isn't real. and if anyone discusses it, i bet they get a slap on the wrist.

also, ha! yeah, a business school?! why go there? meltwater4life!

Anonymous said...

(cricket noise)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The blog/link above describes almost 100% Meltwater and the management methodology in controlling people, especially by negative input, will not accept criticism although they "welcome it". They are forever trying to undermine you and try to find any even the smallest fault to use against you. But also I noticed they smile too much, I was told not to trust a person who continuously smiles, these managers must get up in the morning and put their on their face, kiss the mirror and say "how great I am". Anyone who wants to work for them should make a case study and take note of every things that happens, at the end it will make very interesting reading, a PhD on how not to manage people and run a company. I am glad I am out of it, and been out for a long time yet the impression they have left is very very negative

Anonymous said...

chirp chirp.

how's life inside the iceberg?

stuck here said...

I'm pleased to report that Nicole has left MW. I think she was about to be fired even though she fit with the MW executive profile of being a domineering & generally clueless manager. She loved to attempt to play psychological games with her direct reports. I've worked with some difficult people in my past but this was the worst experience that I have ever had. I'm really not sure how she got the job in the first place. I don't necessarily agree with all of the post on here but it is like a cult and Nicole was one of it's leaders. When she started productivity dropped as morale and motivation came to a screeching halt. All she did was look for faults per corp MW policy and the whole team wanted to quit. No time for anything personal outside of MW and I'm guessing everyone that had to work with her is pleased to see her go. Now if we can just fix the other issues we have. It's tough out there so if you need a job and can deal with psychological games, extremely long hours, bad management it could be worth the paycheck. If you have any other offers I would take them. It will be much better around here now that she is gone.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Meltwater has finally started an HR dept.
Maybe they are starting to get a clue?
It can only go up from here.
But they have a huge job on their hands if you ask me. Hope they are getting paid enough to take that on!

Anonymous said...

Does the system work yet?

Anonymous said...

is this a joke?

Anonymous said...

Looks like they are finally doing something right if you ask me. Just not sure if 3 girls alone will be able to turn this company around. Best of luck to them.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Blog Comment from Meltwater employee concerning the new HR department:

It’s fantastic to hear that Meltwater has finally put an HR team together but I must admit, I have one or two reservations that I’d like you to possibly answer for me:

1) You mention “human capital” and that you “understand the significance of sales” to the company…when it comes to an issue involving an employee (whatever it may be), would the HR department prioritise the individual or would you put the business process of sales first, as it so often is the case here at Meltwater? I ask this because sales and business development are put first rather than the well-being of the employee at the end of the day, and it’s not a very healthy approach to longevity and positive PR if the Meltwater Group is trying to be a recognised IT/ Software firm by 2012.

Sidenote: I ask this from a pragmatic side of things because it’s often that you see a new department start up but come tumbling down double the speed without having any real effect at all.

And, an interesting answer from original Meltwater HR blogger:

I think this is a really good question!

The more conversation we can have at this level, the better we can communicate our message.

One might think, “These guys are on the inside, so how can they possibly put me first?”

To be honest, this team might never have been assembled had we not seen a serious need for the company to amp up their people support from the inside.

We are definitely on the employee’s side, and not here to put big business before the people.

In our opinion, the prioritization of the employee will ultimately be what brings profitability and ROI to Meltwater.

Sales success is just a byproduct of a happy, healthy and intelligent workforce.

Therefore, to answer your question, we are here to give YOU a voice, I promise. ☺

We are here to learn from you so that we can make this company a better place to work.

And as I said, we are here to strike a balance.

I hope this answers your question!

Anonymous said...

maybe they should start a meltwater rocket division. get some intl management trainee's to mock up some rockets! fuckin idiots.

world will be a better place when this terrible place is finally gone.

Anonymous said...

** Side note:
I've met her. And I think the employees may finally have someone really strong on their side.
The question is, will the ED team run her off first?
Probably, but time will tell.

Anonymous said...

It's a digital sweatshop.


Anonymous said...

Same management same soup, same management same re-heated left-overs. I heard a rumor that a manager left one of the scandinavian offices to take a place as a director in another office and lasted 2 weeks then resigned.

Anonymous said...

Same management same soup, same management same re-heated left-overs. I heard a rumor that a manager left one of the scandinavian offices to take a place as a director in another office and lasted 2 weeks then resigned.

Anonymous said...

look at the web site and the management team. if you are a woman, forget it you have no chance.So much a a compnay who is all encompassing who embraces new methods, and give opportunities

Anonymous said...

I hated working for this company...I hope the CR lions have given up 'roaring' and started thinking instead.

Anonymous said...

they are still "fighting like lions"?!?

Anonymous said...

We have been a client of Meltwater's for a little over a year and honestly I can't understand how this company will survive. Their customer service and sales departments are constantly turning over and now they are trying to extort us for another annual fee. Clearly Google Alerts and other free news gathering services are creating a tremendous sales obstacle for this company. I regret signing on with them some time ago and have cautioned PR affiliates on this shrinking company with a pretty exterior but vacant interior operation.

Anonymous said...

just don't pay them.

Anonymous said...

this blog needs some life!

anybody still stuck on the inside?

what's the latest dirt or improvement?

Anonymous said...

NO ...

The people who blog here need a life.

This may be one of the most lifeless blogs on the planet.

crickets, chirp, chirp.........

Anonymous said...

what a gimp - clearly works for meltwater.

i got some scope for you.
It is practiced in shitewater to hold back renewal date information to the customers. This is so the Customer relationship representatives can trap them into rolling over into the 60 day renewal clause. They will speak to you every 10 days to sell you some shite newsfeed but when there is about 100 days left till the renewal date they are strictly told not to contact the client so that they will fall into the auto renewal… that’s good business practice for you!

They will then call you on day 59 and pretend like they don't know what the fuck is going on when in fact they know exactly what they are doing. They are instructed from the managing directors who is instructed from some other tool to do this as this is the only way they can keep people to renew their contracts…

for people who have been caught in this... just don't pay. or demand to see the contract that they usually don't have.

good luck to all you people who have had the misfortune of having to speak to someone who works for meltwater.

Now come on meltwariors! GO DO SOME HIGH FIVING. YES YES YES YEEESSSS!!!!

Anonymous said...

meltwater news represents the bastardization of what is possible through the internet.

Anonymous said...

I used to work for this company a few years back. I haven't written on this blog before, but got the itch when another ex employee reached out to me the last few days. most of the people that work here do in fact become brainwashed. they get comfortable with the steady pay and are scared to leave the company because of the fraternity-ish atmosphere. i feel bad for them because they aren't the ones who are terrible. it's the executives - jorn, jonas, kaveh etc and the list goes on. they put so much pressure on the management team that everyone ends up going nuts. the product is average at best and the new petals (as they call it) are below average. they have moved their best and brightest to sell them, but they are such piles of shit that no one can. to any person looking at this company for employment, it will teach you a few things in the business world along with being humble. sales is tough and you'll recognize that quickly with this company. you will also realize that there are many more desk jobs which create no value for a company, and ultimately you'll go crazy with one of those as well. be aware, this company's executives are not trustworthy and i've senior directors in this company get stabbed in the back. who wants to work that hard for a leadership position to get tossed around the company like a rag doll. not worth it! good luck to anyone who wants a 3-4 month paycheck.

Anonymous said...

“With these four new offices, we promise to increase employee turnover by 8%” said Jorn Lyseggen, CEO and founder of Meltwater Group.

Beware Tel Aviv.

Beware Kuala Lumpur.

Beware Charlotte.

Beware Denver.


Anonymous said...

How is this company still in business?

Anonymous said...

how is this BLOG still in business ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

well this blog has served a purpose...for the greater good.

there are people in this world right now who otherwise could have fallen into a vicious trap...but in part because of this blog, they have real jobs at the moment.

meltwater messed up a lot of good people.

i can only hope it is better now. is it?

Anonymous said...

I am glad I have found this site. For months I have been thinking I was the problem, I was also dammed down, always looking for a negative point where they could turn them against me, they call them weakness and to improve, rubbish. They use them against you. If you did not attend one of their drink up sessions you were sort of blacklisted you were made to fee like you have the plague. For months I felt I was under the microscope I felt I was like an animal in a lab. If it was a hot day and you were sweating they asked you why were you sweating I felt like I was filmed but could not see a camera. I am pretty sure all Emails through their system were “looked” at although could not be proven and they will deny it. Talk about big brother! George Horwell 1984 must be their bible!

Anonymous said...

yep, they are certainly more than paranoid.

try going to a kickoff. note how higher-ups from other regions latch on to you...as if you are assigned as their task.

Anonymous said...

You guys are crazy reading into everything corporate WAY too much.

I mean, come on. Comparing this company to a George Orwell novel?

Have you even READ that novel?

I can't help but laugh when I read the things people post here.

I thinking of joining their ____ office, and after reading this I must say ........

I'm still thinking of joining.

If you think you are proving a point and keeping people away from Meltwater, think again.

The posts are so pathetic on here you are actually giving me even more reason to take the job.

Now my advice to you:
Move on with your life.

I've worked in many corporate settings, and what you're describing is Corporate Life.

This is how it is to work in a company. What did you expect?

Now move on with your life, and find a job that better suits you.
But clearly, you are not cut out for the cut-throat life in a large corporate setting.

Please, accept this, and quit trying to sabotage this company with your pathetic rants.

Felt good getting that off my chest!!!!

Now I'm out. Never to return here. :)

Anonymous said...

The post above is very obviously a plant from the inside.

Job candidates: Just go to the interview and use your brain. It's simple.

Anonymous said...

Before you start describing corporate life, MELTWATER is not a corporate, it does not publish accounts for a starter. Don’t kid yourself they are not Microsoft, nor Oracle and definetley not Google.
All they have is a bunch of offices around the world, I don’t know why since you could consolidate all into a 3rd world country where people will take any bullshit and pay them even less. Where in the USA people have brains and will question management, will research them will look around and will talk to one another.
Then if you so love this compnay obviously you are already there as you are so fiercly defending them, grow up, and understand their mentality of managenet by attrition. If you are not one of them you are isolated till you walk. In other words you have to be brain dead not to see it, just look at the churn/recruitment these are not new people 90% are people who have walked. Not promote, just walked.
Having seen their operation first hand, I can assure you there is greener grass over the wall.
The management attitude and aggressivness is nothing like I have seen before, they really need some serious help all of them, physchological and physchiatrical.
But as one leave 10 will apply thinking it will be better, just look at the life expectancy of the tele-seller and the manager, just look at the continuous recruitment, they are not really expanding they are just recruiting.

Anonymous said...

And you, my friend, have amazing grammar.

Real professional.

Ever heard of spell check?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

fight like lions, idiots!

Anonymous said...

I have seen this site prior to my upcoming interview and really in doubt of the company now. However, I was notified that my trip cost to this interview will be reimbursed. This maybe a strong factor on whether I should attend the interview session or not. Anyone has experience with this?

Anonymous said...

expenses paid. The rest well enjoy the trip and the interview let us all know the office/country/state

Anonymous said...

get them to pay for the trip BEFORE you go.

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